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Oct 14

DeWitt Perpetual Calendar Nebula GMT

        Introduced, for the first time at Baselworld, in 2003, De Witt is a highly exclusivist watch-making brand, which outstands through the impeccable quality and originality of their custom-made timepieces, mainly defined by a highly contemporary style and revolutionary mechanical complexity. As the brand’s motto states it, DeWitt is: An approach geared to the future of mechanical watch-making, a vivid youthful company synonymous with creative audacity, elevated taste for innovation, and revolutionary forward-thinking.

        Drawing its inspiration in the eternally fascinating celestial world, the latest De Witt model, Quantieme Perpetuel Nebula GMT, (or Academia Perpetual Calendar Nebula GMT) wonderfully reproduces a spiral-shaped galaxy of the Eridan star cloud or planetary nebula, located at a distance of 85 millions light-years away from Earth. An ultimate accomplishment of watch-making mastery, Quantieme Perpetuel Nebula GMT, implies a fascinating miniaturization technology developed throughout the years, after meticulous scientific research. The sophisticated timepiece displays a delightful combination of innovative materials and one-of-a-kind, technical complications.

        Animated by a high-precision mechanical self-winding Calibre DW7021 movement, the timepiece ensures asides from hour, minutes and seconds functions, date display, moon phase and dual-time-zone, indicated through an additional red hand. The intrinsic mechanical sophistication of its self-winding movement enables Quantieme Perpetuel Nebula GMT to keep an accurate track of the variation occurring in the number of days of every month, (28/9, 30 or 31 days) and also the leap-year cycle related to cyclic addition of the 29th of February. The calendar display is made through originally clockwise positioned sub-dials: day, 24-hour GMT function, completed by the central red hour hand, and moreover leap years display.

        The stellar artisanship of De Witt’s watchmakers is displayed through the intricate beauty of the unique dial ornate with a silicon disc which mimics the aspect of blue spiral nebula, which cyclically according to the day-night variations encircles a star-studded landscape. The creative timepiece features a split-level dial, adorned with a-mother-of-pearl moon disc shining wonderfully against a Goldfluss night sky.

        The majestic timepiece features a robust case, measuring 43 mm in diameter which is crafted from an astounding combination of precious materials and textures- gold, ceramics and titanium, the sturdy case is equipped with a 12-indentations notched bezel, iconic for the brand, the timepiece also features a transparent case-back which allows a curious viewer to peek at the superb dance of the intricate movement.

        The model has two variations: first of them merges, for the case white gold, titanium in the middle with ceramic insertions, and furthermore features a dark grey peripheral dial-section, meanwhile the other version implies a combination of rose and white gold, titanium and ceramic for the case as well as an anthracite lower dial-section, in both cases ‘Cotes de Genève’ motif majestically completes the mind-numbing timeless beauty of the timepiece,

        Moreover both variations of the limited series are competed by elegant black alligator leather straps, and come for a fairly exclusive price tag of $76,800.00.

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