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Apr 13

DeWitt Golden Afternoon Lady`s Watch

     The new DeWitt Golden Afternoon watch has a display that presents hours, minutes and seconds. There are “Angel Wings” shaped hands for indicating hour and minutes, while the thin hand topped with a small flame points out the seconds. Continue reading

  Nov 13

DeWitt Blackstream Chronograph

       Recently the brand launched another sophisticated watch-line inspired by the adrenalin-inflicting world of motor sports, the eye-catching DeWitt Blackstream Chronograph Watch, which brings a plus of sporty appeal and urban sophistication to the brand’s traditional chronograph model. Continue reading

  Nov 11

DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Automatic

       Recently, the brand released another sophisticated horological creation, the eye-catching new DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight a superb new model that combines classic sobriety with urban sophistication, in order to please the charismatic man of the 21st century. Continue reading

  Nov 5

DeWitt Tourbillon Force Constante a Chaîne

       Not long ago, the brand introduced another sophisticated horological creation, which testifies about DeWitt’s watchmaking expertise, the exquisite DeWitt Tourbillon Force Constante a Chaîne Watch a true masterpiece of mechanical mastery, which carries the watchmaker’s mastery into a the realm of contemporary art. Continue reading

  Oct 22

DeWitt Academia Seconde Retrograde Serenity

        Academia Seconde Retrograde Serenity is a wonderful new timepiece that enriches the brand’s legacy and brings to life a highly masculine powerful industrial design concept, defined by sophisticated strong lines and, above all, by supreme elegance and refinement. Continue reading

  Oct 14

DeWitt Perpetual Calendar Nebula GMT

        Drawing its inspiration in the eternally fascinating celestial world, the latest De Witt model, Quantieme Perpetuel Nebula GMT, (or Academia Perpetual Calendar Nebula GMT) wonderfully reproduces a spiral-shaped galaxy of the Eridan star cloud or planetary nebula, located at a distance of 85 millions light-years away from Earth. Continue reading

  Oct 7

DeWitt Repetition Minutes Tourbillon GMT Antipode

        Unfurling unique aesthetical and technical qualities, the new DeWitt Repetition Minutes Tourbillon GMT Antipode line of only 25 timepieces, is a living proof of this brand’s passion and dedication, and its well established place on the cutting edge of horological excellence. This wonderful timepiece astounds through its highly innovative multi-complication mechanical … Continue reading





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