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Jan 24

Ribbon accents – an elegant feature for your wedding

Decorations and aesthetics are essential for a picture perfect wedding, and you probably want your big event to look flawless. Well, including a few ribbon accents here and there can help you give your wedding that elegant and romantic vibe you desire. When searching for wedding ribbons UK, you will come across a wide variety of beautiful options, so you will most certainly find something that suits the theme of your event. Here are a few easy ways of adding a ribbon accent to your wedding:

Ribbon accents - an elegant feature for your wedding

Chair embellishments

If you will be holding your wedding outdoors, then the venue can easily look plainer than you would want it to be. Without much effort or money, you can add a more sophisticated touch to the outdoor arrangements by using ribbon as a seating embellishment. All you will have to do is choose the ribbon colour and pattern of your choice, and tie them around the back of each chair, creating small, chick bows. You will be surprised how beautiful these easy-to-do embellishments will look.

Floral arrangements

Even the simplest floral arrangements can be instantly beautified with some straps of silk ribbon in a pastel colour tone tied around them. Regardless of your flower preferences, tie them together using fine pieces of ribbon, and you will be creating a pleasant visual effect. You can use the same ribbon for the bouquets of your bridesmaids, if you want the floral centrepieces to match, they will certainly love the idea.

Ribbon backdrop

If you want the venue of your wedding to truly look magical, then you will not go wrong with a ribbon backdrop. Using many long straps of ribbon in pastel tones that match the rest of your wedding decorations, you can create a backdrop, which you can place behind the table where you and the groom will be sitting, or where you will want to take photographs. Look online for a step-by-step tutorial, and you will see how easy this project will be, but spectacular-looking at the same time.

Weddings are moments filled with emotions and happiness, but sometimes the joy can be shadowed by the responsibilities you have to handle. If there is not much time until your big day, then you probably want everything to be and look perfect. If you were looking for some tips on how to make your venue more spectacular, then the above stated advice might come in handy. Ribbon is a great wedding accessory, and it is also extremely affordable, so use this element to your advantage.

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