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Sep 18

Corum Golden Tourbillon Panoramique

        Founded in 1955, in Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, Corum has always been a distinctively innovative free-thinker. The brand rapidly gained prestige in the fine watch-making Swiss industry in spite of its youth, and managed to impress both peers and collectors with exquisite pieces bearing the, by now iconic, Corum upright key, a symbol of success in the branch and, as the first motto of the brand says it: The key to perfect time.

        Throughout the years, Corum built a well established reputation of trend-setter due to the audacious creativity and immaculate quality of their workmanship, reflected now, in their new Golden Tourbillon Panoramique watches, a limited edition of only 66 timepieces, created to charm, once again Corum enthusiast customers.

        Bearing an individual production number engraved on the case-back, the collection features, asides from the white and rose gold models, 5 ultra-exclusive watches manufactured from platinum. The Tonneau-shaped, elegant case hosts a mechanical, hand-wound Corum 382 movement, which requires over three weeks of meticulous work before being cased-up. The fascinating mechanical complexity of this model comprises translucent, sapphire crystal bridges and bottom plate along with a tourbillon cage.

        The mechanical movement ensures 90-hours power reserve, and, the refined case measuring 38 or 53 mm in diameter can give a certain air of distinction both to a gentleman’s, as well as to, a lady’s wrist; fitted with double sapphire crystal the watch can also resist 30 m underwater.

        The delicate intricacy of the dial features open-work black hour hands, and Corum customers have the possibility of choosing a model embellished with the luxurious glow of 225 diamonds, totalizing 8.40 karats. The model is completed by a brown or black alligator leather strap, measuring 21 or 18 mm in width.

        In creating Golden Tourbillon Panoramique from Corum, the brand takes down a formidable challenge: the reinterpretation of the most fascinating mechanical complication in the horological world- the tourbillon. Corum designers have changed proportions, have set the tourbillon on a crystal throne, and created thus, a sophisticated combination of skeleton high-end finish and minimalist design, the indubitable proof of the manufacturer’s craftsmanship and forward-thinking materialized in a charming model –the Golden Tourbillon Panoramique from Corum.

        Retaining the luxurious Corum sophistication, the classy, high-end timepiece comes, not only as a plus of distinction and stile but also as a proof of its owner’s welfare as its price ranges between $171,000.00 for the red gold model, $174,000.00 for the white gold up to $215,000.00 for the platinum limited edition.

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