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Jan 24

Ribbon accents – an elegant feature for your wedding

Decorations and aesthetics are essential for a picture perfect wedding, and you probably want your big event to look flawless. Well, including a few ribbon accents here and there can help you give your wedding that elegant and romantic vibe … Continue reading

  Oct 12

Corum Chronograph 44 Centro Mono-pusher

       For the brands’ 55th anniversary celebrated in 2010, Corum released a superb addition of its emblematic Admiral’s Cup Watch Line, the eye-catching, Corum Admiral’s Cup Chronograph 44 Centro Mono-pusher, a sporty sophisticated timepiece, which testifies about the brand’s expertise horological mastery. Continue reading

  Mar 16

Corum Admiral’s Cup Challenge 44 Split-Second

        A remarkable timepiece, the new Corum Admiral’s Cup Challenge 44 Split-Second reunites high-tech materials which create a very interesting contrast- the gentle glow of the18-karat red gold of the, beautifully shines against the black vulcanized rubber and carbon surfaces. The timepiece features the brand’s iconic twelve-sided robust .. Continue reading

  Mar 2

Corum Chronograph Romvlvs

        The remarkable new Corum Romvlvs Chronograph features brand new horological complications, which enhance the timepiece’s classic elegant aesthetics. The watch features a stylish stainless steel case measuring 42 mm in diameter that smoothly incorporates the signature wave-profiled bezel, emblematic for the Romvlvs collection. Continue reading

  Feb 16

Corum Admiral’s Cup GMT 44

        Corum Admiral’s Cup GMT 44, first presented at Baselworld 2009, is an ingenious combination of masculine sporty charm and sophisticated elegant design, especially created for the fashionable city dwellers of the 21st century. The stylish Corum Admiral’s Cup GMT 44 features a pure elegant… Continue reading

  Feb 11

Corum Ti-Bridge Watch

        Recently, Corum released another masterpiece of watch-making artisanship, the sensational Corum Ti-Bridge Watch, an eye-catching, contemporary timekeeping companion designed for a fashionable charismatic gentleman of the 21st century. The watch was inspired by the brand’s legendary Golden Bridge and it .. Continue reading

  Feb 7

Corum Romvlvs Large Date

        Corum Romvlvs Large Date reunites ingeniously combined materials, which confer an eye-pleasing contrast enhanced by the elegant shapes of the timepiece.This elegant timepiece comes coupled with a white satin strap, which, due to special treatment… Continue reading

  Feb 4

Corum Admiral’s Cup Black Hull 48

        A sporty timepiece, designed for a powerful charismatic man, the new Admiral’s Cup Black Hull 48 Chronograph is the ideal timekeeping companion, especially created for tracking small time intervals with extreme accuracy.
Continue reading

  Sep 25

Corum Nautical Tourbillon

        The new Admiral’s Cup Tourbillon 48 features the emblematic Corum 12-sided case design, characteristic to every Admiral model which confers the watch a robust sense of self-confidence and sportiness.Fateful to the theme of navigation, the model was engraved with the 12 nautical pennantsContinue reading

  Sep 18

Corum Golden Tourbillon Panoramique

        In creating Golden Tourbillon Panoramique from Corum, the brand takes down a formidable challenge: the reinterpretation of the most fascinating mechanical complication in the horological world- the tourbillon. Corum designers have changed proportions, have set the tourbillon on a crystal throne, and created thus, a sophisticated … Continue reading

  Aug 23

Corum Admiral’s Cup 40 Diamonds

        By wearing Admiral’s Cup Chronograph 40 Diamonds watch on your wrist you can be sure of turning the heads of the most refined and sophisticated people. This watch is a watch with attitude perfectly fitted for women with attitude. So if you like it, don’t hesitate in buying it because it’s worth all the money.
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