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Nov 20

Citizen JV0010-08E for Diver’s

        Citizen is the heart of a Japanese global corporate group, headquartered in Tokyo, internationally known for designing high functionality watches and for being one of the largest watches manufacturers of the world.

        During its existence, Citizen created various timepieces of sublime functionality dedicated to temerarious men who aren’t afraid to take down challenges, weather to climb a mountain, to visit a brand new foreign country or to discover the hidden mysteries of the ocean’s depths, the Japanese watchmaker always provided them with extremely reliable timekeeping companions such as the Citizen JV0010-08E watch, a remarkable timekeeping companion designed to pay a great tribute to the brand’s Aqualand successful line created 20 years ago.


        This charismatic model incorporates the well known Citizen Eco-Drive solar technology, which uses any source of light that touches its photosensitive crystal and dial converting it into energy which continually recharges the watch’s mechanism.

        The design of the Citizen JV0010-08E perfectly fits into the oversized diver’s watches trend featuring a smoothly brushed stainless steel case, measuring 50 mm in diameter which ensures 200 meters water resistance. The sturdy construction of the case also incorporates a high-end polished stainless steel bezel, a scratch-resistant protective mineral crystal, and a robust black urethane strap. For optimal use, the push buttons of the timepiece were nicely textured with raised dots.

        The new Citizen JV0010-08E is the ideal timekeeping companion for a professional diver; it ensures a wide area of measurement functions, such as digital depth display, with current and maximum depth (300 ft), a special diving mode which provides accurate measurements of the time and depth of the dive, water temperature current and lowest and a remarkable memory of up to 20 dives.

        The timepiece is also equipped with highly sensitive water and pressure sensors which automatically switch the timepiece into the dive-mode after it reaches 4 meters beneath the sea surface. Due to the Eco-Drive solar technology the watch has an outstanding power reserve of 6 months which, due to the power save mode, can be extended up to 2.5 years.

        At the heart of this model beats a Citizen Quartz U10 module, which ensures an accuracy of up to 15 seconds per month, in no radio signals conditions. Citizen JV0010-08E watch also has a large area of functions such as 29 time-zones, 42 cities time display, 3 alarms, electro-luminescent lightning for perfect time readability in poor light conditions, which make it a perfect time companion during diving expeditions but also in daily activities, and, due to its affordable price of $450.00 a desirable timepiece for any contemporary active man.

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