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Oct 20

Citizen Eco-Drive Signature Octavia Diamond

       Created in 1918, Shokosha Watch Research Institute changed into Citizen during the 1930s, is a notorious Japanese watch-making brand, headquartered in Tokyo that over the years established a well-grounded reputation among the most respected members of today fine watch-making industry, for creating high-quality, accessible timepieces, characterized by unmatched functionality and timekeeping accuracy.

       Over the years, the brand never ceased to create sophisticated horological products, characterized by an innovative nature and daring contemporary design, which followed the fine Japanese watch-making traditions, and perfectionist life-guiding principles.


       It is noteworthy to mention that, the name Citizen is synonymous with the creation of high-tech solar-powered timepieces, and that the brand’s iconic Eco-Drive Watch Line was a great worldwide success, which opened for Citizen the gates of the fine watch-making industry.

       Recently, the brand enriched its remarkable Citizen Eco-Drive Signature Watch Collection with a stylish new model, dedicated to the refined ladies of the day, the superb Citizen Eco-Drive Signature Octavia Diamond Lady Watch.

       A sophisticated new model, the eye-catching Citizen Eco-Drive Signature Octavia Diamond Watch features a stylish octagonal titanium case, which reveals a beautiful satin-polished finish, and which incorporates a diamond-embellished bezel, and a cabochon-decorated crown. Moreover, two of the model’s variations feature pink gold tone inserts, which bring the timepiece a plus of glamour and sophistication.


       The stylish design of the Citizen Eco-Drive Signature Octavia Diamond Watch was carried into the glamorous dial of the timepiece, available in white patterned finish or white mother-of-pearl and nicely completed with sharp hour and minutes hands with central luminescent inserts, and applied and diamond-set hour indices.

       At the heart of the timepiece, beats a top-quality solar-powered mechanism, which ensures, asides from the traditional central hours, minutes and seconds, a small date complication displayed at 3 o’clock position.

       Especially created to please the modern self-assertive women of the 21st century, the eye-catching Citizen Eco-Drive Signature Octavia Diamond Watch incorporates 57 white diamonds with a total weight of 55 karats, and embraces the delicate wrist of a lady with a matching metallic bracelet. As far as the price tag is concerned, we cannot yet publish an exact figure, although we expect it to be somewhere around $4,000.00.

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