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Jul 29

Citizen Eco-Drive DOME

       The heart of a global Japanese corporate group, Citizen is a competitive watch-making producer, headquartered in Tokyo, which started to produce wristwatches in the 1920s and gradually evolved into one of the largest watch-manufacturers in the world.

       Through the years, the brand became synonymous with Japanese quality as well as with powerful contemporary aesthetics and unmatched functionality. For many watch-connoisseurs worldwide, name Citizen is powerfully linked with the highly appreciated Eco-Drive watches, animated by solar-powered quartz movements, which confer immaculate precision, and long-term reliability.

       This year in June, Citizen introduced a new addition to its emblematic Eco-Drive Watch Line, the eye-catching new Eco-Drive DOME watch, produced in a limited edition of 500 pieces, which embodies the unique concept of solar energy.

       The watch features an oversized DLC-coated titanium case, measuring 49 mm in diameter, which confers 100-meter water resistance. However, the model is available in two variations- one performed in a unique pearl coating obtained after a multi-coating procedure, which implies the use of five individual layers, for perfect water tightness.

       The second variation of the model was obtained through the brand’s patented multi-way polish, which confers the case a sophisticated different expression that changes depending on the viewing angle; moreover, the model received a wear-proof DLC-coating.

       The timepiece features a sporty black dial, nicely highlighted by vibrant red accents fitted with luminescent-coated hour and minute’s hands and hour indices. However, the timepiece confers an amazing functionality- through receiving radio signals from all around the globe, the timepiece can accurately display, in a matter of seconds for 26 capitals of the world.

       Furthermore, the timepiece ensures power reserve indicator, chronograph function displayed through three counters located at 2, 6 respectively 10 o’clock and alarm function being the ideal timekeeping companion for a modern man, keen on futuristic gadgets.

       Merging an audacious style and an unmatched functionality the new Eco-Drive DOME watch, embraces the wrist with a comfortable black rubber strap, and it will be commercialized for an approximate price tag of about $2,500.00.

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