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Dec 28

Citizen Eco-Drive Concepts RING, DOME, VITRO

        Citizen is the heart of a Japanese global corporate group headquartered in Tokyo which produced the first timepiece in 1924 and, through the years became one of the largest watch manufacturers of the world. Mostly known for designing the Eco-Drive watch line, comprising watches fitted with solar rechargeable battery and automatic quartz movements, defined by irreproachable functionality Citizen directly competes with the Casio and its G-Shock line.

        Recently introduced at Baselworld 2009, the new Citizen models were conceived to implement the Eco-Drive technology in addition to a very charismatic sporty design. They have been mirrored in all the brand’s advertising campaigns, due to the revolutionary Eco-Drive recharging system which uses a clean source of energy – the solar and artificial light captured by the watch’s photosynthetic crystal and dial, which continually recharges the timepieces.

Citizen Eco-Drive RING, DOME and VITRO Pictures


        The Three new Citizen concepts feature updated versions of the Eco-Drive technology combined in a smooth eye-catching design which sets a trend for the Citizen’s future marketing policy basically expressed by: The Fusion of Technology and Beauty.

        First of the presented concepts is the Eco-Drive RING, a progressive horological concept defined by a light-capturing solar cell positioned at the timepiece’s case periphery.

        The second concept is the Eco-Drive DOME an innovative model which incorporates the Caliber H610 Movement along an eye-catching dome-shaped dial and a one-of-a-kind case structure which confer the timepiece an individualizing attractive silhouette.

        And last but not least, the Eco-Drive VITRO comprises an invisible solar cell spread through the protective glass combined with a sophisticated skeleton dial sculpted in the case’s architecture.

        The three fascinating models will surely make a wonderful choice for any contemporary man with an active life-style, due to being a successful combination of sporty attitude and latest technology, and we’re expecting that they will also be attractive for their fairly accessible price.

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