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Sep 27

Citizen Alterna Pilot Eco-Drive

       The world famous and internationally recognized Japanese watchmaker Citizen has launched yet another interesting and practical model of their pilot dedicated series: the Citizen Alterna Pilot Eco-Drive. The large dial timepiece shows off 42.5 millimeters in diameter and a black, matte dial accommodating vividly colored hour markers, numerals and hands. The Arabic numbers marking the passage of time are large and brightly colored. Minutes are also marked for perfect readability. The sword shaped hands are treated with luminescent coating that allows perfect vision in the dark.

       The Citizen Alterna Pilot Eco-Drive brings forth dynamism and sporty looks in a sturdy yet stylish design. The black and orange color scheme makes it easy for the designers to create a modern looking timepiece, while maintaining classic lines and sticking to simplicity and extremely clean lines. The matte and black dial bears the “Citizen” emblem at 3 o’clock with pride. At 12 o’clock the Citizen Alterna Pilot Eco-Drive unveils a days of the month function, while at 9 o’clock a delicate hand indicates the day of the week.

       The Citizen Alterna Pilot Eco-Drive has hours, minutes, seconds and date functions, as well as an extra 24 hours counter situated at 6 o’clock. The crown is placed at 3 o’clock and ensures easy access to the change of time. The Citizen Alterna Pilot Eco-Drive is animated by a quartz movement which runs over 6 months when fully charged. The in house manufactured movement is known under the name of Eco Drive Caliber 8637.

       A water resistance of 100 meters allows you to take your Citizen Alterna Pilot Eco-Drive companion diving and enjoy its deep water functions, among which, the perfect readability it boasts. The case of the new Citizen Alterna Pilot Eco-Drive is made of PVD treated steel, as is the bezel. A reliable mineral crystal offers good protection from damage on the dial. The versatile and practical look of the Citizen Alterna Pilot Eco-Drive is completed by a nylon material strap that promises to bravely withstand the passage of time.

       A fairly affordable instrument, the Citizen Alterna Pilot Eco-Drive is sure to catch the attention of Citizen fans, as well as that of the people working in areas that require a second time zone indicator, like pilots, for example. The Citizen Alterna Pilot Eco-Drive is a good instrument of time keeping and an easy challenge on your bank account.

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