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Nov 15

Citizen Eco-Drive Signature Grand Complication

       Not long ago, the brand brought another superb addition to its remarkable Citizen Eco-Drive Signature Watch Collection, the remarkable Citizen Signature Grand Complication Watch, a sophisticated bold model, which emanates strength and masculinity. Continue reading

  Oct 30

Citizen Perpetual Calendar Alarm

       Recently, the brand enriched its emblematic Citizen Eco-Drive Signature Watch Collection with another eye-catching masculine model, the new Citizen Perpetual Calendar Alarm Watch, a timepiece especially created to be a reliable timekeeping companion for the daring contemporary man. Continue reading

  Oct 20

Citizen Eco-Drive Signature Octavia Diamond

       Recently, the brand enriched its remarkable Citizen Eco-Drive Signature Watch Collection with a stylish new model, dedicated to the refined ladies of the day, the superb Citizen Eco-Drive Signature Octavia Diamond Lady Watch. Continue reading

  Oct 14

Citizen Eco-Drive Signature Flyback Chronograph

       Recently, Citizen enriched its emblematic Citizen Eco-Drive Signature Watch Line with another daring masculine timepiece, the Citizen Eco-Drive Signature Flyback Chronograph, a sophisticated timepiece, especially created to bring a plus of sporty dynamism and powerful individuality to any outfit. Continue reading

  Sep 27

Citizen Alterna Pilot Eco-Drive

       The Citizen Alterna Pilot Eco-Drive brings forth dynamism and sporty looks in a sturdy yet stylish design. The black and orange color scheme makes it easy for the designers to create a modern looking timepiece, while maintaining classic lines and sticking to simplicity and extremely clean lines Continue reading

  Jul 29

Citizen Eco-Drive DOME

       This year in June, Citizen introduced a new addition to its emblematic Eco-Drive Watch Line, the eye-catching new Eco-Drive DOME watch, produced in a limited edition of 500 pieces, which embodies the unique concept of solar energy. Continue reading

  Apr 6

Citizen Eco-Drive Moon Phase

       Recently, the brand brought another eye-catching addition to its iconic Eco Drive Collection, a timepiece especially created for those men, who follow impassionedly the celestial movement of the moon- the classy new Citizen Eco-Drive Moon Phase Watch, a boldly designed wristwatch that masterfully combines sporty dynamic detailing and classical elegance. Continue reading

  Apr 2

Citizen Promaster Sportissimo Chronograph

       Recently, Citizen brought another superb addition to its watch collection, the new, sportier model, Citizen Promaster Sportissimo Chronograph Watch, a robust wristwatch, especially created for a daring man with an active life-style, keen on the latest gadgets that the market has to offer. Continue reading

  Dec 28

Citizen Eco-Drive Concepts RING, DOME, VITRO

        The Three new Citizen concepts : Eco Drive RING, DOME and VITRO feature updated versions of the Eco-Drive technology combined in a smooth eye-catching design which sets a trend for the Citizen’s future marketing policy basically expressed by: The Fusion of Technology and Beauty.
Continue reading

  Dec 22

Citizen Eco-Drive Calendrier

        A beautiful timepiece, the new Citizen Eco-Drive Calendrier watch is both available fitted with a masculine stainless steel bracelet, or in a classier version completed by a stylish leather strap.The eye-catching timepiece is defined by sporty curves combined with a subtle elegance given by the original layout of.. Continue reading

  Nov 24

Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Black Skyhawk

        Recently, Citizen enriched its Eco-Drive Watch Line with another impressive model of sublime functionality and vanguard masculine appeal- the new Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Black Skyhawk Watch, a very precise time-companion designed to ensure latest technology timekeeping functions.The Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Black Skyhawk Watch features … Continue reading

  Nov 20

Citizen JV0010-08E for Diver’s

        The design of the Citizen JV0010-08E perfectly fits into the oversized diver’s watches trend featuring a smoothly brushed stainless steel case, measuring 50 mm in diameter which ensures 200 meters water resistance.The new Citizen JV0010-08E is the ideal timekeeping companion for a professional diver. Continue reading

  Nov 17

Citizen Eco-Drive BL5315-50E Diver’s

        Just as all the other models of the brand, Citizen BL5315-50E is equipped with a large area of functions such as alarm, optional 12/ 24 time format, date indicator, perpetual calendar, and 1/20 second chronograph. The new Citizen BL5315-50E is equipped with the innovative Eco-Drive technology which converts natural or artificial light into power… Continue reading





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