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May 2

Chopard Haute Joaillerie Animal World Collection

       Maybe the best-known luxury goods manufacturers in the world, Chopard was created in the 19th century, by a visionary entrepreneur, Louis-Ulysse Chopard, in the Swiss Jura Mountains. Moreover, the company grew into one of the largest manufacturers of high-class exquisite jewelry, elegant accessories in the world.

       Nevertheless, for most watch-connoisseurs Chopard also started to be synonymous with superb luxury wristwatches that masterfully combine the watchmaker’s skill and the jeweler’s art, created to please the audacious contemporary women.

       Recently, the brand launched another line of spectacular timepieces dedicated to some of the most refined and fashionable women of our times, the amazing Chopard Haute Joaillerie Animal World Collection, a line created for the brand’s 150th anniversary. The magnificent watch-line comprises three, precious stones studded ravishing models revealing animals and their exotic habitat- a penguin surrounded by its peers, a solitary polar bear on an ice floe, or a monkey through the lush vegetation of the jungle.

       Crafted from precious 18-karat gold, the timepieces feature the seductive glitter of diamonds, both on the bezels and on the playful appealing dials, and, issued as a limited line of 15 pieces, the models will surely charm a demanding lady keen on excusive timepieces.

       The timepieces reveal dainty mother-of-pearl dials, which unfurl an exotic background for the eye-catching silhouette of the watch’s individualizing animal, furthermore, performed in gold and masterfully paved with white or black diamonds, that provide an exceptional texture.

       The timepieces have merely decorative function, providing only central hours and minute’s functions accurately indicated by oversized skeleton hands.

       Furthermore, the amazing Chopard Animal World watches embrace the delicate wrist of a modern lady, with a beautifully grained satin strap, in a color matching the dial’s hues, and which is, secured to the wrist by an 18-karat gold buckle.

       Especially designed to be a fashion statement and a high-class accessory, rather than a timekeeping companion, the charming timepieces of the Chopard Haute Joaillerie Animal World Collection are a proof of the brand’s highly exclusive principles of quality and sophistication, and will surely be accompanied by an exclusive price tag.

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