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Oct 25

Chanel Premiere Collection

       Chanel is a brand that has proven over the years that it is worthy of our attention, being the manufacturer of exquisitely original timepieces that maintain the same rigorous standards that Chanel has imposed in fashion, trends and style. The majestic brand of Chanel is worldwide known for fulfilling the highest requirements of quality and value existent on the market through its collections of timepieces, jewelry, perfumes, accessories or fashionable clothing. The successful idea behind the Chanel brand was to create something unordinary, expensive and stylish to make up the image of a powerful brand interested in refinement and prestige.

       The Chanel Premiere Collection features timepieces designed for the ladies that simply take your breath away with their subtle and interesting details based on diamonds and shining surfaces. The timepieces included in this collection bear the same resemblance, the only difference being the choice for materials and straps. Based on high-tech ceramics and diamond adornments, this collection proves to be amongst the most exquisite collections ever design by Chanel, a collection that prices brilliance, extravagance and style.

       The rectangular case of the new Premiere watches is available on stainless steel, white gold and yellow gold, depending on the model and it comes accompanied by a bezel adorned with diamonds. The models with the white gold case or that of stainless steel make use of a dial crafted from white ceramics, while the ones based on yellow gold approach a matching color theme and make use of a black ceramics dial. Refinement is the word of this collection, as the watches only display two hands indicating the hours and minutes, the dial not having any other adornments, not even hour markers.

       The simplicity embraced by Chanel in this Premiere Collection is compensated by the choice of the straps which are available on white gold, yellow gold, or stainless steel fitted with combinations of ceramic stones and diamond adornments.

       Extremely feminine, the watches presented by Chanel’s Premiere Collection are the perfect accessories for those women who are actively participating at fashion events, business receptions, or other public media events and who are just as refined and elegant as this collection looks like.

       Equipped with Quartz movements created in Chanel’s ateliers, the watches from the Premiere Collection are extremely accurate and display the traditional functions of time in a reliable manner. With a great impact on the market of watch manufacturing, this collection by Chanel seems to be another successful hit collection.

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