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Aug 28

Chanel J12 Diamond Embellished Ceramic

        Elegance, grace, high status, tradition and luxury are just some of the words that would characterize Chanel. Being a name hard to ignore nowadays, Chanel represents a powerful brand that has covered almost all segments of fashion and art. Focusing on fashion and accessories, fragrance and beauty or fine jewelry and watches, Chanel has as a main purpose pursuing art at its finest.

        The great empire of Chanel has to keep its options open and so, this fashion brand has taken up new horizons. The idea of creating watches was of a tremendous success, as fashion goes hand in hand with accessorizing. And what a better accessory than a Chanel watch is there?

Chanel J12 Diamond Embellished Ceramic Pictures Gallery

        The first Chanel watch ever created was called “Premiere” back in 1987 and it was designed by Jacques Helleu, who reinforced Chanel’s credo regarding beauty and style. This was followed by the collection of J12 watches, first introduced in 2000 and then gradually improving and adding new timepieces. The tipping point was in 2008 when Chanel agreed on initiating a partnership with Audemars Piguet for creating more specialized wristwatches. This was a fruitful partnership as the brand developed the J12 Calibre 3125, the Chanel AP 3125 and Chanel J12 Ceramic, all of them using the latest technology in the world of watch making.

        The Chanel J12 Diamond Embellished Ceramic is a watch of the finest quality and style. This watch represents a tribute to elegance, wealth and elitism. Although made of a tough and durable material called ceramic, the weight of this watch is surprisingly light. The black ceramic material is used on the watch’s case and bracelet and it is combined with a stainless steel material on the bezel covered by the diamond embellishments which are the main point of attraction.

        The elegant black dial with stainless hour markers and white hour numbers and hands is accentuated by the diamond embellishments. The contrast created is mesmerizing and the complete design of the watch only proves once again Chanel’s exquisite choices when it comes to fashion and visual art. Also, this watch is equipped with a date indicator that can be found between the 4 and 5 o’clock positions and chronographs for the minute, second and hour counters on the sub-dials. All in all, the design of this Chanel J12 Diamond Embellished Ceramic is breathtaking and I don’t think that are any ladies out there who would say no to this luxurious timepiece.

        The Chanel J12 Diamond Embellished Ceramic is like the ultimate statement of success and achievement. By wearing such watch on your wrist, you’re showing the world your success and your good taste in fashion and Haute Horlogerie. Make the world witness your triumph and purchase this unique timepiece. Although the price doesn’t come cheap at all (approximately $16,950.00), this Chanel J12 Diamond Embellished Ceramic will prove it’s worth all the money and you’ll find yourself satisfied with your choice.

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