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Nov 8

Casio Waveceptor WVA320 Series

       A well-known multinational watch-manufacturing company, Casio came into existence during the first half of the 20th century, in Japan, and over the years, the brand, extended its area of expertise in many aspects of the modern technology, developing high-quality audio equipment, digital cameras, computers and high-functionality timepieces.

       In a couple of decades of existence, the brand built a well-established reputation, among the watch-enthusiasts worldwide, for creating high-tech timepieces, characterized by dynamic sporty aesthetics and an unmatched level of functionality, accuracy and reliability, suitable to accompany the daring self-assertive gentleman of the day, in his activities, no matter how challenging they would actually prove to be.


       Internationally known for its iconic Casio G-Shocks Watch Line, which comprises timepieces with a remarkable resistance to pressure, shocks and water, Casio released another remarkable series especially designed for impassionate divers – the eye-catching Casio Waveceptor WVA320 Watch Series, which demonstrates a sporty daring design.

       Inspired by one of the brand’s best selling models of the brand, the remarkable Casio AMW320, the two digital – analog models of the Waveceptor WVA320 Watch Series feature a powerfully designed stainless steel case, which demonstrates a sporty brushed finish, accented by the interesting interplay of soft curves and beveled edges. The model incorporates satin polished push-pieces, and a glare-proof sapphire crystal, and provides a good 100-meter water resistance, which makes the timepiece the perfect companion for an impassionate diver.


       Furthermore, the model reveals a highly legible, black dial, which combines the analog and digital time-displays; it features central hours and minutes, and seconds hands fitted with central luminescent inserts; the dial is moreover completed with large luminescent dots. In order to ensure perfect timekeeping accuracy, the model adjusts the time 6 times per day, through connecting to international radio stations, and it is noteworthy to mention that the timepiece provides precise time-indication for 29 independent time zones, and 30 cities all over the globe.

       Moreover, an enthusiast fan of the brand will surely be glad to find out that the new models of the Waveceptor WVA320 Watch Series ensure a wide area of functions, such as 3dayly alarms, day and week indicated in English and Japanese, measuring capacity of 99’59.99″. The model can also track split time, elapsed time, lap time, 1st and 2nd place timings, it features 12/24 hours time formats, and it is equipped with a perpetual calendar that needs no adjustments until 2099.

       Indeed a remarkable series, the models of the Waveceptor WVA320 Watch Series accommodate solar-powered mechanisms, which can accurately function, after a complete charge for over 6 months, without sun exposure.

       Secured to the wrist with either a comfy black rubber band or a powerful metallic bracelet, the remarkable models of the Waveceptor WVA320 Watch Series will be available for an approximate price tag ranging from $200.00 up to $240.00.

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