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Nov 25

Casio Men’s G-Shock AWG101-1V

        The multinational company Casio, founded in 1946 in Japan, is internationally known for manufacturing high-tech electronic devices. Through the years it gained international notoriety for producing high-quality computers, cameras, audio equipment, PDAs, musical instruments but also high-quality and sublime functionality timepieces.

        Recently Casio introduced a brand new watch-line defined by highly masculine powerful design lines, robustness and impeccable functionality, the analog-digital- Casio Men’s G-Shock AWG101-1V, is an amazing timepiece built to ensure the ultimate functionality in any circumstances. The timepiece successfully combines the analog time display with the digital stopwatch functionality.


         It features an imposing black metallic case, measuring 45 mm in diameter all harmoniously combined with a bronze bezel and a charismatic grey sporty dial, which is shielded by a black plastic resin strap, moreover the watch boasts an amazing 200 meters water resistance, being suited to accompany a diving daredevil in its quest of discovering the hidden mysteries of the ocean’s depths.

        The watch features a crystal clear time readability ensured by luminescent coated hour indices and contrasting red, analog hour hand along the skeleton minute hand; at 3 o’clock there’s an LCD digital seconds display and moreover the watch features 5-band ‘atomic’ timekeeping synchronized with Japanese, US, German and English radio stations- at 6 o’clock position there is displayed the latest radio signal received, and if there is no radio reception, the timepiece insures a time accuracy of 15 seconds a month.

         Among the large area of functions ensured by this watch we can mention preprogrammed calendar function, up to year 2099, 29 time zones and 48 cities, alarm and hourly chime, stopwatch function up to 1/100th of a second, elapsed time, split time functions, LCD light illumination, fitted with power-saving mode and battery indicator.

         The new Casio Men’s G-Shock AWG101-1V not only ensures remarkable durability and sublime functionality, but also, due to its slim and comfortable buckle, it nicely embraces a gentleman’s wrist.

        Surely an attractive timepiece, with its large variety of functions, Casio Men’s G-Shock AWG101-1V is a fascinating piece of high-tech equipment which tends to become more than a simple time-telling object and comes for an approximate price of $400.00.

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