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Oct 18

Casio G-Shock Mini GMN550 Series

       A renowned Japanese company, internationally known for creating, not only sophisticated quartz and solar-powered wristwatches, but also computers, cameras and electronic high-performance equipment, Casio traces its roots to the beginnings of the 20th century, and ever since worked its way into the elitist world of the fine watch-making industry, through creating timepieces defined by unmatched functionality and bold contemporary design.

       Surely, a true watch-impassionate will know that the name Casio stands for impeccable resistance to shocks, water and magnetic fields, as well as for providing a wide range of functions, which transforms the brand’s timepieces into genuine wrist attached mini-computers, which take the time-measurement to a whole new level.


       Over the years, the brand conquered a very important market segment, and the sophisticated Casio G-Shock Watch Collection, and its new attractive models we are going to present to you in the following article, have been a remarkable success.

       Three remarkable new additions to the Casio G-Shock Mini Watch Line, the powerful sporty Casio G-Shock Mini GMN550-1B, GMN550-1C and GMN550-1D, demonstrate a tough modern design, and the brand’s unmistakable combination of sophisticated functionalities.

       The new models feature robust rectangular cases, measuring 43.1 mm x 41.6 mm x 12.9mm, manufactured from black, (Casio G-Shock Mini GMN550-1B and GMN550-1C) respectively white resin Casio GMN550-1D, playfully highlighted with cyan and green color accents, used for the watch’s digital interface and push buttons. Moreover, the robust architecture of the case ensures good 100-meter water resistance, and a good resistance against mechanical shocks, which makes the timepiece suitable to be a reliable timekeeping companion, during the most challenging activities.

       The model, is equipped with EL Backlight with Afterglow, and accurately displays time in 48 cities (29 time zones) all over the globe; it can store e-Data up to 40 sets of entries of up to 7 characters each, it features 4 daily alarms, and one snooze alarm, count-down timer, pre-programmed calendar until 2039, 24/12 hour, time formats. The timepiece can accurately track the elapsed time, split-time, and determine precise timings for 1st and 2nd place; also, it can indicate 1/100 second stopwatch, and many other impressive functions.

       At the heart of the new additions of the Casio G-Shock Mini Watch Line beats a top-quality quartz caliber, animated by the CR1616-type battery, which ensures 3 years of impeccable timekeeping accuracy.

       Surely, an eye-catching presence, the new models of the Casio G-Shock Mini Watch Line, embrace the delicate wrist of a woman with sporty resin bracelets, and will be available for an accessible price tag of $79.00.

Casio G-Shock Mini GMN550 Series Pictures

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