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Nov 30

Casio G-Shock GS-1200

        Rooted in the 20th century Japan, Casio is a multinational company which manufactures high-tech electronic devices, and gained international notoriety for producing high-quality computers, cameras, audio equipment, PDAs, musical instruments and wristwatches defined by a large area of functions and charismatic sporty appeal.

        Recently Casio developed a very reliable watch-collection designed to provide impeccable shock and water resistance along with Casio’s large area of sophisticated functionalities and high-technology which singled this brand, throughout the years, in the watch-making branch, the robust G-Shock watches.

        Recently the G-Shock sturdy watch-line was enriched with a brand new model, the G-Shock GS-1200 Watch, a very slim wristwatch, measuring 49.6 x 46.0 x 14.1mm, animated by the brand’s highly innovative Tough Movement, especially developed for Casio’s solar watches, a remarkable mechanism which exerts radio control upon the time display, due to an ingenious system governed by time signals from six radio stations (the US, UK, Japan, China and Germany).

        The movement incorporates an innovative technology which triggers at the same time the minute, hour and second’s hands’ gears with the aid of a phototransistor and a LED, therefore ensuring perfect time adjustment.

        The watch’s component parts are manufactured from high-quality metals and plastics which insure a low weight and a great movement resistance. Casio engineering team developed the movement in order to ensure the optimal balance of metal and plastic volumes.

        The new production line dedicated to the Tough Movement, incorporates three-hand analog sophisticated timepieces of superb functionality, remarkable for their considerably reduced thickness.

        Designed to meet the needs of the 21st century contemporary man, the new Casio G-Shock GS-1200 Watch is a very attractive timepiece, that features a large variety of functions, it is an amazing piece of high-tech equipment which tends to be more than a simple time-telling object, becoming an indispensable time companion both during leisure activities as well as during world traveling, surely a best-seller that comes for a fairly accessible price of ranging around $400.00.

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