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Nov 19

Casio Baby-G Watches G-Ms Octra collection

        A multinational company founded in 1946 in Japan, Casio manufactures electronic devices, and through the years it gained international notoriety for producing high-quality computers, cameras, audio equipment, PDAs, musical instruments and wristwatches.

        Although the brand is specialized in creating high-functionality, high-end timepieces dedicated to men, Casio also produces wonderful sporty models destined to satisfy both the functional and aesthetical demands of active contemporary women, and the new collection named, Baby-G watches for ladies, G-ms Octra is maybe the best example.

casio-babyg-watches-gms-octra-2 casio-babyg-watches-gms-octra-1

        The G-Ms Octra collection comprises 6 new models, of which 3 additions to MSG-1500 and MSG-5000 series. The sophisticated digi/analog watches were released in pink, black or white versions and are bound to give a playful sporty appeal to a lady’s wrist.

        The eye-catching models are powered by a solar battery and, through 3 analog displays they ensure chronograph functions; also the time indicated is, just like in other Casio models synchronized through radio control. The models are suited to accompany a daring lady in various challenging leisure activities whether hiking, tennis or other sports practiced on land or even way beneath the sea surface, as the watch ensure an excellent water/shock-resistance.

        The charismatic timepieces feature stainless steel cases, defined by powerful seductive curves, which are furthermore completed by matching stainless steel bracelets, and on the clean stylish dials there are Roman numeral hour markers and hour hands, that received luminescent coating for optimal time legibility in poor or no light conditions as well as deep under the sea surface.

        No doubt, some attractive timepieces, with their variety of functions, the new models of the Baby-G watches for ladies, G-ms Octra series are fascinating pieces of high-tech equipment which tend to be much more than a simple time-telling objects, they are also very fashionable accessories bound to bring a plus of individuality to a lady’s sporty outfit, and that come for a fairly accessible price range starting from $350.00 up to $460.00.

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