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Dec 12


        The multinational company, Casio headquartered in Japan, became internationally known for designing high-tech electronic devices, computers, cameras, audio equipment, PDAs, musical instruments and watches defined by impeccable functionality and masculine sporty design.

        Throughout the years, Casio experienced a fruitful partnership with the adrenalin-inflicting world of Formula 1, and especially with the world’s youngest Grand Prix winner, Sebastian Vettel, a pilot famous for his flawlessly timed maneuvers and irreproachable driving skills which have placed him, for 6 times this season, on the World Champion’s podium.

        In order to celebrate this prodigious collaboration, Casio designed another high-functionality timepiece which has motor-sports inspired design, the Casio EQW-M1000SV-1AER watch, a stylish sporty model that will be manufactured in a limited edition of only 100 timepieces.

         The new Casio EQW-M1000SV-1AER watch demonstrates a powerful sophistication worthy of a classic chronograph watch. The strong case is manufactured from stainless steel, and on its base there were engraved the logos and signature of the champion.

        The skilled Casio designers incorporated in the design of this model the emblematic colors of the Red Bull F1 team which surely will be recognized by the Formula 1 enthusiast fans as well as the 3 dimensional, relief-like design which masterfully reveals the inner workings of this amazing timepiece.

        Casio EQW-M1000SV-1AER watch incorporates the brand’s revolutionary Wave Ceptor technology, which guarantees radio-controlled atomic timekeeping accuracy, due to being governed by international radio transmitters which provide time updates, up to 6 times a day.

        The watch is defined by supreme functionality; it tracks time for 29 of the most important world’s cities, it has 1/20 second stopwatch function, atomic calendar function, tachymeter function and it is powered by a rechargeable solar battery.

        The autographed pictured of the young champion as well as an innovative helmet-like badge will be included in the watch’s box, which will be available for a pretty attractive price tag of $400.00.

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