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Nov 14

Casio Edifice Black Label EQW-A1000DC-1A Watch

Casio is proud to present its new Edifice Black Label EQW-A1000DC-1A watch, a timepiece where high-tech achievements meet modern design. Part of the Edifice Black Label Collection by Casio, the new EQW-A1000DC-1A timepiece comes in a dynamic design featuring advanced … Continue reading

  Nov 8

Casio Waveceptor WVA320 Series

       Inspired by one of the brand’s best selling models of the brand, the remarkable Casio AMW320, the two digital – analog models of the Waveceptor WVA320 Watch Series feature a powerfully designed stainless steel case, which demonstrates a sporty brushed finish. Continue reading

  Oct 18

Casio G-Shock Mini GMN550 Series

       Three remarkable new additions to the Casio G-Shock Mini Watch Line, the powerful sporty Casio G-Shock Mini GMN550-1B, GMN550-1C and GMN550-1D, demonstrate a tough modern design, and the brand’s unmistakable combination of sophisticated functionalities. Continue reading

  Jan 7

Casio Men’s Pathfinder

Launched in the 20th century in Japan, Casio is a multinational company which manufactures high-tech electronic devices, and gained international notoriety for producing high-quality computers, cameras, audio equipment, PDAs, musical instruments and wristwatches defined by a large area of functions … Continue reading

  Dec 12


        Casio EQW-M1000SV-1AER watch incorporates the brand’s revolutionary Wave Ceptor technology, which guarantees radio-controlled atomic timekeeping accuracy, due to being governed by international radio transmitters which provide time updates, up to 6 times a day.The skilled Casio designers incorporated in the design of this model the emblematic colors of the F1.. Continue reading

  Nov 30

Casio G-Shock GS-1200

        Designed to meet the needs of the 21st century contemporary man, the new Casio G-Shock GS-1200 Watch is a very attractive timepiece, that features a large variety of functions, it is an amazing piece of high-tech equipment which tends to be more than a simple time-telling object … Continue reading

  Nov 25

Casio Men’s G-Shock AWG101-1V

         Surely an attractive timepiece, with its large variety of functions, Casio Men’s G-Shock AWG101-1V is a fascinating piece of high-tech equipment which tends to become more than a simple time-telling object and comes for an approximate price of $400. Continue reading

  Nov 19

Casio Baby-G Watches G-Ms Octra collection

        Casio produces wonderful sporty models destined to satisfy both the functional and aesthetical demands of active contemporary women, and the new collection named, Baby-G watches for ladies, G-ms Octra is maybe the best example. Continue reading





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