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Mar 24

Extraordinary Cartier Tortue XL Watch with Jaguar Motif

The new Cartier Tortue XL watch hypnotizes you with the original realistic jaguar motif. This unique Cartier timepiece, a perfect mélange between high relief engraving and champleve enamel, will be produced in limited edition of 80 pieces.

The House of Cartier has been making watches for more than a century and a half, but the Tortue XL simply takes your breath away. The jaguar motif is the sixth animal motif watch in the Cartier Art collection and it is amazingly crafted, as the staring realistic eyes of the jaguar have an impressive hypnotic power.


The dial of the Cartier Tortue XL watch is a proof of high-relief engraving and incorporates four pieces that are assembled and adjusted with ultimate precision and attention for details.

The way the jaguar is represented gives the impression of real fur and staring eyes. This realistic achievement was possible because the Cartier craftsmen delicately used a flat graver and a slender point-graver. Another difficult operation was to highlight the volume of the whiskers. In order to achieve that, the craftsmen had to chisel the sides with a point graver and after polish them with a rubber.


At least 60 hours are needed in order to complete the engraving and assembly work, while champleye grand feu enameling takes about 25 hours. The jaguar depiction can be made in seven different shades: grey, opal-white, mauve, opaque white, grey, brown-yellow and green-yellow.

The case and dial are made in 18K yellow gold. In the same time, the octagonal crown is harmoniously embellished with a wonderful sapphire.


The movement of this extraordinary watch is the caliber 9601-MC, an in-house mechanical manual-winding movement. The case is 30-meter water-resistant.

A semi-matt back alligator leather strap with an adjustable folding clasp elegantly compliments the wrist.

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