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Dec 15

Cartier Tank Solo and Ronde Solo

        Launched in 1847, Cartier is a prestigious French jeweler and watch manufacturer that has gained its distinguished reputation among the Haute Horology powerhouses, for providing glamorous models of sublime refinement and elegance and the latest stars of the most recent Cartier line, Les Must, have been proudly launched and are available in all the brand’s shops. Tank Solo and Ronde Solo are the recent re-interpretations of older Ronde and Tank envisionings. The four novelties include large and small versions, to suit both feminine and masculine tastes of the brand’s admirers.

        Characteristic of Cartier’s Tank Solo and Ronde Solo is a sense of majestic simplicity and refinement, in keeping with the French horologist’s signature. A silver and white chromatic line is sustained by black accents and complimented with a touch of Cartier’s famous blue tones. These quartz timepieces are almost austere in adornments and lines, but they manage to reach the epitome of elegance, fine taste and versatility.

        The structural and visual unity of the Tank Solo and Ronde Solo watches for men and women are sustained by steel cases and bracelets, sapphire crystals, roman numerals, blue steel pointed hands, pale silver opaline dials and steel circular-grained crowns, embellished with a spinel cabochon.

        Large and small Ronde Solo pieces have additional Arabic numerals added inside the roman digits for a PM hour system (24 corresponds to XII and a 13 follows, corresponding to I). All the creations have a railroad like minutes scale, for precise indication. As a plus for the gentlemen who fancy the Ronde Solo, this is the only member who has a calendar aperture, set instead of the 15 o’clock index. The diameter of the case is 36 mm with a highly appropriate 6.51 mm thickness. The quartz movement which animates the men’s Ronde Solo is a Cartier caliber 115A. The small model which will benefit the ladies is a Cartier caliber 690, with a 29.5 mm diameter and 6.35 mm thickness.

        A slightly more aggressive and slicker line is revealed by the Tank Solo large and small versions which do not display Arabic numerals, or calendar opening. The case dimensions of the large model are 34.8 x 27.4 mm, with a 5.55 mm thickness. The quartz movement Cartier caliber 690 is a most reliable mechanism. The ladies version is as slim as the men’s, but with sensibly smaller dimensions: 31 x 24.4 mm. The movement working behind the charming mold of taste and simplicity is a Cartier caliber 157. All interpretations are 30 meters water resistant.

        Cartier fans will be delighted to discover these timepieces not only because of the modern revival of a classical elegance, but because of their prices ranging from $2,300.00 up to $4,600.00. Affordable variants of the more lavish exhibits Cartier has accustomed us to, the Tank Solo and Ronde Solo are the brand’s hearty gift to those who were long yearning to buy a Cartier but could never save enough to do so.

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