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Nov 3

Cartier Tank Francaise Collection

       One of the best selling brands of watches in the world, Cartier adds up to the watch manufacturing tradition new designs, techniques and ways of approaching the watch making artistry. The impact that this brand has had in this industry is undeniable, as this brand was established back in 1847 and ever since that time it has been putting great effort and passion into the manufacturing of iconic timepieces that are even nowadays considered landmarks of Haute Horology. The France-based company of Cartier maintained the French spirit of chic and refined elegance in all its collections of watches and has emphasized on the idea of subtlety and classiness in the manufacturing process of the watches.

       The Tank Francaise Collection by Cartier brings an exclusive design to the attention of women worldwide as it features extremely refined timepieces characterized by the utmost subtlety. The Small Model version of the Tank Francaise Collection features a stainless steel case in a rectangular shape and a colorful dial. The dial can be silvery, blue or violet, depending on each woman’s preference and it displays quite neatly functions of hours and minutes, with hour markers made from Roman numerals. The Medium and Large Models of the new Tank Francaise Collection provide only silvery dials, but embrace the same rectangular aspect of the case and maintains the same black detailing from the dial.

       The Tank Francaise Collection finds its roots back in 1917, when Cartier offered a tribute to the allied forces in Europe through its amazing watches and the collection is recreated nowadays to remind of those time but also to fit the modern requirements of design. Crafted from stainless steel, the models included in the Tank Francaise Collection are extremely resistant and offer amazing reliability to their lady-owners.

       The movement equipping the Tank Francaise Models is a Quartz Cartier 057 calibre that guarantees the reliability of the traditional functions of time and also a water resistance of 30 meters. Produced in the Cartier’s ateliers in France, the 057 caliber is the result of the remarkable technical expertise of the watchmakers from Cartier and the proof that Cartier remains after all this time a quality-oriented brand.

       The design of the models included in the Tank Francaise Collection is completed by a stainless steel strap, matching perfectly the idea of silvery appearance. Chic and elegant, the models from this collection are available on the market starting from a price range of 3, 9000 dollars, available in the official stores of Cartier.

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