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Oct 17

Cartier Tank Americaine Collection

       The reputation of Cartier doesn’t need any further introduction, as everybody can now recognize a Cartier original item, due to the distinctive approach to design embraced by this brand. Established back in 1847, Cartier was a brand that served royalties and high-class aristocrats with a wide range of jewelry products and developed later into a watch manufacturing brand as well. By producing interesting and novel wristwatches that have become iconic for the watch making artistry, Cartier is nowadays amongst the first brands on the market and amongst the best-selling brands in this industry.

       The releaser of many watch collections, Cartier makes room for yet another one called the Tank Americaine Collection, a line that features watches with a retro and classy design, specific to the New York style of the 1930. The watches included in this collection are extremely subtle in terms of design and extremely reliable in terms of technical performance. The rectangular case of the new Cartier Tank Americaine is crafted either from white, rose or yellow gold, attesting one more time Cartier’s obsession with quality products. The classy appearance of the models is rendered by the simple white dial that is adorned with Roman numerals, for an extra touch of distinction.

       The only functions displayed by the new Cartier Tank Americaine Watch are those of hours and minutes, displayed very neatly on the dial to assure the proper legibility. In terms of design, there isn’t really much to be said about the new Cartier Tank Americaine Models, except that it impresses through its classy subtlety.

       The accuracy of the functions is guaranteed by the Quartz movement produced in Cartier’s ateliers in France by specialists in watch manufacturing techniques. The people behind Cartier didn’t see necessary to equip this watch with too progressive technical elements, as they wanted the focus to be on the design of the watch, and not on its technical performance.

       The vintage appeal of the new Cartier Tank Americaine Watch brings back the nostalgia of the 1930’s by implying the idea that simplicity always gains over extravagance and opulence. The new Cartier Tank Americaine Watch, just as previously mentioned, is available in many material variations, starting from the case and ending with the strap. The strap is available in two colors: black and brown and it makes use of a finely refined alligator leather, hand-sewn with matching thread.

       Just as expected, the price for one of the Cartier Tank Americaine Models is quite high, reaching 8,800 dollars, but that’s a small price to pay if thinking that you’re buying style, elegance and prestige. Unbeaten for centuries, the elegance embraced by Cartier continues to impress the watch enthusiasts worldwide.

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