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Sep 18

Cartier Santos Triple 100

        Founded in 1847, Cartier is a prestigious French jeweler and watch manufacturer that has gained its distinguished reputation among the Haute Horology powerhouses, for providing glamorous models of sublime refinement and elegance preferred by royalty and VIPs. Prince of Wales once crowned Cartier as Joaillier des Rois, Roi des Joailliers (Jeweler of Kings, King of Jewelers).

        Nevertheless, Cartier Manufacture is far from being just a royal jeweler; it also out stands among the watchmakers worldwide as a brand deeply committed to creating models of supreme horological innovation.

        The unique Cartier Santos Triple 100 watch, astounds by its one-of-a-kind first-ever rotating-dial mechanism, a technology in process of being patented.

        In Cartier Santos Triple 100 watch, a mind-numbing masterpiece of horological art, Cartier pushes one step further the limits of innovation and, once again, raises the standards for the other watchmakers worldwide as it designs the very first watch in the world that can change the appearance of its dial. Behind the unequaled surprise brought by this multi-faceted model lays a remarkable technology which required months of research, hard work and dedication.

        Combining the well known, Cartier refinement and glamour, Cartier Santos Triple 100 watch features a sparkling 18 karat white gold case, completely set with precious stones and it is completed by an elegant black alligator leather strap.

        The simple turn of the winding crown reveals another face of the complex personality of this watch. This fascinating face-shift is set in motion by a miniature-gear-trains system of mobile prisms manufactured from 18K white gold. A simple twist of the crown sets the prisms in motion simultaneously, allowing thus the gentle unfurling of the underlying individuality of the dial

        A dazzled viewer will rejoice looking to the kaleidoscopic dial of Cartier Santos Triple 100, while the classy face, completed by Roman numeral hour markers fades away only to rise again as a majestic chessboard, entirely paved with round diamonds and black sapphires, but, nevertheless, the last face of this magnificent timepiece, which required over 40 hours of hard work, reveals the true salvage heart of this model as finally, its dial changes into a face engraved with a tiger’s head.

        Asides from the breath-taking face change, the splendid timepiece pleases once more its lucky owner by revealing, through a sapphire crystal case-back the intricate Manufacture-crafted mechanical, skeleton manually-wound movement, which ensures 72-hours power reserve and makes this state of art timepiece one of the most coveted collectable item, as it was produced in a very limited edition of only 20 timepieces.

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