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Dec 24

Cartier ID One Concept

        Cartier has been a top luxury brand for years now. Its presence can be spotted anywhere on the red carpets and where the rich and famous are. In spite of the huge public success it has met with ever since Santos-Dumont wore the first Cartier wristwatch, the brand wants more. This Swiss watch maker is not in the game just for the money, it wants to make a statement on the Haute Horology’ scene and establish itself as one of the first brands in the innovative segment too.

        The 2008 Salon International de la Haute Horologie (SIHH) awarded the Best Jewelry Watch prize to Cartier’s Cirque Animalier Panda motif. In 2010 more surprises are coming our way, glimmering, lavish, exquisite surprises, that is! The next SIHH will host a glamorous piece which will sure win the hearts of women from all over the world: Cartier Captive watch.

        Innovative design seems to have become a constant preoccupation of Cartier lately. Their latest exhibition pieces have met with much acclaim and have brought a breath of fresh air to the classic and well established “order” of the Cartier collections. At first sight the looks of the new Cartier ID One Concept Watch resemble the Ballon Bleu de Catier, with a different chromatic dominant. When going into the details of this magnificent timepiece we find innovation working in the service of perfection.


        Cartier ID One Concept Watch was designed to work perfectly and resist without fault for more than a lifetime. It is the only watch which does not need any modifications or adjustments in any of its parts throughout its existence. The list of first time apparitions and amazing technical realizations is consistent. Cartier ID One Concept Watch has a “Zerodur hairspring”, integrating part of the “no adjustments” policy. Howcome? Zerodur is a type of ceramic with remarkable resistance to a high range of temperatures. It is also not in the least affected by magnetic field influences of any kind. Other components which play a primary part in the precision of any movement – the balance wheel, the lever and the escape wheel- have been designed in “Carbon Crystal”, a very resistant diamond like material which allows an oil free escapement. Shock resistance has been achieved by using a shifting escapement cage, which will absorb force and reduce impact damage, thus protecting the entire escapement from shocks. The “Niobium –Titanium” case is a hypoallergenic alloy with high wear resistance with shock absorbing proprieties, which make it superior to steel.


        A 46 mm diameter case makes this timepiece an incredibly good looking and avant-garde masterpiece form the point of view of both design and technical achievements. This watch is a mere concept, thus it is not intended for sale yet, but I am sure that anyone who has had a chance to lay eyes on it will be looking forward to receiving news on how Cartier plans to develop this baby into a commercial line.

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