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Dec 20

Cartier Cirque Animalier Elephant motif

        Founded as early as 1847 in the capital of France, Cartier became a renowned jewelry manufacturer who was to bring the craftsmanship and artistry of his refined jewels to the service of time measuring devices. Such are the beginnings of today’s greatly renowned Cartier products. And since there has always been a strong intertwining between the brand’s initial branches – jewelry and timepieces – the collection presented at the 2008 Salon International de la Haute Horologie was a most welcomed novelty.

         The innovative design and the breathtaking looks of this new collection were only equaled by the exquisite mastery of techniques which are brought together for the realization of this masterpiece. The collection was launched as having three magnificent members, all symbols of Asian culture and tradition. Cartier envisioned this exclusivist saga of refinement as a circus traveling throughout the world and giving dreamlike representations for its admirers. The first stop seemed only natural to be Asia, since there are innumerable symbols that have inspired Cartier designers so far, resulting in the output of their work.

         The first three stars of the Cartier Cirque Animalier were the Panda, the Elephant and the Tiger. All of its members were much acclaimed, but it was for the Cartier Cirque Animalier, Panda motif that the jury awarded the Best Jewelry Watch prize. Hovewer, the catchiest entertainer of the circus seems to have been the sweet, large eyed elephant which was, together with the other two show animals a member of the 50 pieces limited edition.

Cartier Cirque Animalier Elephant motif Picture


         Cartier Cirque Animalier, Elephant motif is the combination of a precise quartz movement timepiece with the mind-blowing jewelry design characteristic for Cartier. This unique mold of 7.2 carats diamonds and 18 K pink gold having a emerald as the centre piece could justify by its existence solely why its makers have been granted the honor of being assigned “Jewelers to the king and king of jewelers”. A wide circle of round diamonds set in 18 K pink gold comprises the lovely shape of the elephant, which is made of hundreds of diamonds set on 18 K rhodium plated white gold and a large green emerald. The dial and the case are made of 18 K pink gold embellished with diamonds.

         The dial is partially decorated with guilloche and the ball on which the elephant stands is decorated with four round diamond core stars. The elegant but modern style is sustained by a symmetrical architecture relevant of time’s nature and modern philosophy. The strap is made of dark grey, brushed, canvas and has a pink gold diamond set buckle. The other variants are based on silver respectively a golden chromatic dominant. The Panda motif is a combination of white rhodium plated 18 K gold and diamonds, black sapphires and emeralds with black and white enamel details. The Tiger motif is based on a yellow 18 K gold and onyx combination set with round diamonds and two emeralds. All watches are designed with a sapphire crystal and quartz movements, similar straps and buckles to go with the chromatic theme. Prices are available only by request, but since this was a limited collection with such a small number of pieces prices can reach any sum and having one of these timepieces is a true collector’s fantasy.

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