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Dec 26

Cartier Captive Women’s

The Cartier jewelry-watch saga continues, as the 2010 SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horologie) edition will be the host of a new spectacular launch: Cartier Captive Women’s Watch. Although previous years have brought much acclaim to Cartier exhibits, the brand has, by no means, taken its success for granted. The 2008 SIHH has awarded Cartier Cirque Animalier the prize for Best Jewelry Watch. A glamorous and diamond loaded animal motif work of art won, then, the hearts of the public and jury. In 2010 Cartier presents a slightly less extravagant piece, but what this watch lacks in exotic motifs and diamonds it compensates in slick looks and futuristic design.

If the former winner of the SIHH 2008 at the Best Jewelry Watch category had an approximate 7.2 carats of diamonds, the Cartier Captive Women’s Watch was reduced to a mere 3 carats weight of round shaped diamonds, in keeping with the more austere times we are all experiencing. Nevertheless, this watch immediately makes you fall deeply in love with it. It has such mind blowing innovative looks, and it is such an exercise in fine taste, that no woman could say no to it. If you check out the latest women’s jewelry trends on, you will see that this watch has all the ingredients necessary to qualify both as a modern jewelry piece as well as a timeless one.

Cartier Captive Women’s Pictures


The chromatic dominant of the piece is silver, present in the 18 K rhodium plated white gold dial and the brushed canvas strap which was fitted with a matching 18 K rhodium plated white gold folding clasp. Glistening white diamonds and tiny blue pointed hands underline the refined lines of this creation.

The dial is rather a piece of art than a watch. The 35 mm case is considered by Cartier an extra large size for women’s watches. The bezel is made of round shaped diamonds fixed on 18 K rhodium plated white gold. The architecture of the dial is surprisingly interfered with by a white gold and diamonds circle, looking like a chain link. This motif is what inspired the Captive name. Diamond lines of different lengths arrange as sun rays on the light silvery dial, leaving a small round circle at their heart, to accommodate the tiny blue hands of time.

Although it is built on a rather restrictive color scheme – just two tones of grey, the diamonds sparkles and a delicate drop of blue- this timepiece is at the border between functionality and sublime jewelry. Its designers managed to bring forth a theme which gives food for thought. Since we are all captives of time this watch manages to convey the pessimistic message in a most pleasurable shape and aesthetic quality.

At the 2010 Salon International de la Haute Horologie Cartier will show the world that its worldwide famous name is on every one’s lips and on all the celebrities’ whish list for a good reason. Nobody manages to balance refinement, lavishness and original designs like good old Cartier, the French combination of jewelry and time measurement masterpieces.

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