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May 2

Cartier 21 Chronoscaph W10197U2 Unisex Watch

A sporty model, the new Cartier 21 Chronoscaph W101917U2 Unisex Watch features a silver dial, nicely completed with bullet-shaped indices and sward-shaped hour indices, fitted with central luminescent inserts for optimal time-legibility in any light conditions. Continue reading

  Apr 21

Roadster de Cartier Small Model W6206006

Not long ago, the brand brought another outstanding addition to one of its most iconic watch collections, the minimalist Cartier Roadster de Cartier Watch Collection, a remarkable new model especially created to please the self-assertive modern woman – the new Roadster de Cartier Small Model W626006 Watch. Continue reading

  Apr 19

Roadster de Cartier W6206018

Not long ago, the brand brought another impressive addition to one of the most emblematic collections signed Cartier, the elegant Roadster Watch Collection¸ which draws its inspiration from the seductive silhouette of the sports car with the same name- the new Roadster de Cartier W6206018 Mens Watch. Continue reading

  Mar 24

Extraordinary Cartier Tortue XL Watch with Jaguar Motif

     The dial of the Cartier Tortue XL watch is a proof of high-relief engraving and incorporates four pieces that are assembled and adjusted with ultimate precision and attention for details. The way the jaguar is represented gives the impression of real fur and staring eyes. Continue reading

  Nov 3

Cartier Tank Francaise Collection

       The Tank Francaise Collection finds its roots back in 1917, when Cartier offered a tribute to the allied forces in Europe through its amazing watches and the collection is recreated nowadays to remind of those time but also to fit the modern requirements of design. Continue reading

  Oct 17

Cartier Tank Americaine Collection

       The releaser of many watch collections, Cartier makes room for yet another one called the Tank Americaine Collection, a line that features watches with a retro and classy design, specific to the New York style of the 1930. The watches included in this collection are extremely subtle in terms of design. Continue reading

  Aug 2

Libre Perles de Cartier WJ304850

       Recently, the brand released another breath-taking addition to its extremely exclusive Cartier Libre Watch collection, a superb new model that merges innovative design and impressive setting techniques, with horological mastery- the charming Cartier Libre Perles de Cartier WJ304850 Watch. Continue reading

  Jul 29

Calibre de Cartier Automatique W100007

       Recently the brand brought another superb addition to its iconic Calibre de Cartier watch Line, the new Calibre de Cartier Automatique W100007 Watch, a classy gent’s model, performed in 18-karat rose gold, which emanates distinction and style. Continue reading

  Jul 26

Ronde Solo de Cartier W6700155

       Recently the brand enriched its popular Ronde Solo Collection with another exquisite timepiece that follows the latest fashionable trends of Paris- the new Ronde Solo de Cartier W6700155 Watch, a classy wristwatch, designed for a self-assertive modern woman. Continue reading

  Jul 24

Cartier Roadster Extra Large Chronograph

       Recently the brand released another superb horological creation, the new Cartier Roadster Extra Large Chronograph watch, a powerful timepiece defined by elegance and sobriety. Drawing its inspiration from fascinating world of vintage speed automotives, the watch reveals a powerful silhouette, defined by seductive curves and smooth lines. Continue reading

  Dec 26

Cartier Captive Women’s

        If the former winner of the SIHH 2008 at the Best Jewelry Watch category had an approximate 7.2 carats of diamonds, the Cartier Captive Women’s Watch was reduced to a mere 3 carats weight of round shaped diamonds, in keeping with the more austere times we are all experiencing. Continue reading

  Dec 24

Cartier ID One Concept

        Cartier ID One Concept Watch was designed to work perfectly and resist without fault for more than a lifetime. It is the only watch which does not need any modifications or adjustments in any of its parts throughout its existence. The list of first time apparitions and amazing technical realizations is consistent. Continue reading

  Dec 20

Cartier Cirque Animalier Elephant motif

        Cartier Cirque Animalier, Elephant motif is the combination of a precise quartz movement timepiece with the mind-blowing jewelry design characteristic for Cartier. This unique mold of 7.2 carats diamonds and 18 K pink gold having a emerald as the centre piece could justify by its existence solely why its makers have been granted the honor of being assigned.. Continue reading

  Dec 18

Cartier Santos 100 Carbon Chronograph

        The Cartier Santos 100 collection was inaugurated to celebrate a centenary since the first chronograph first embraced Dumont’s wrist. The raging frenzy started at that point had a major contribution in the making of Cartier, as the brand we know today. Cartier Santos 100 Carbon Chronograph is an unusual appearance on the Cartier catwalk. Continue reading

  Dec 15

Cartier Tank Solo and Ronde Solo

        Characteristic of Cartier’s Tank Solo and Ronde Solo is a sense of majestic simplicity and refinement, in keeping with the French horologist’s signature. A silver and white chromatic line is sustained by black accents and complimented with a touch of Cartier’s famous blue tones. Large and small Ronde Solo pieces have … Continue reading

  Sep 18

Cartier Santos Triple 100

        The unique Cartier Santos Triple 100 watch, astounds by its one-of-a-kind first-ever rotating-dial mechanism, a technology in process of being patented. Combining the well known, Cartier refinement and glamour, Cartier Santos Triple 100 watch features a sparkling 18 karat white gold case … Continue reading

  Aug 27

Cartier Ballon Bleu Flying Tourbillon

        The new Ballon Bleu de Cartier Flying Tourbillon has actually gained an award envied and desired by many brands- that of the Geneva Seal. This award certifies the power of the Cartier brand and attests the fact that Cartier has attained the highest standard in terms of design and functionality. With a round and generous form, this watch’s design represents a tribute to aesthetics. Continue reading





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