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Nov 7

Breitling for Bentley Mark VI Complications 29

        Breitling is a notorious Swiss watch-making powerhouse rooted in 1884’s Switzerland, which during its centenary tradition created high-performance chronographs defined by sublime functionality and unmatched precision. Above all, the brand is internationally known for sharing a profound connection with the field of aeronautics and due to this fruitful partnership it was designed the- official supplier to world aviation.

        Nevertheless Breitling’s international prestige cannot be properly exemplified by only one emblematic achievement, this would surely be an alteration of the truth, and worldwide watches connoisseurs know that Breitling also is one of the most distinguished and competitive diver’s watch manufacturers, famous for creating timepieces fitted to accompany a true diving daredevil in the mysterious depths of the oceans, but also for a watchmaker which experienced a profound and fruitful connection with the luxury automotive brand, Bentley, and the new Breitling for Bentley Mark VI Complications 29 is a marvelous masterpiece of craftsmanship that enriches the brand’s Breitling for Bentley watch line.


        Capturing the engine’s roar of the luxury sports car, Breitling for Bentley Mark VI Complications 29 is a highly innovative timepiece remarkable through its mechanical intricacy which demonstrates a couple of centuries of horological finest expertise and craftsmanship, all sublimed in a genuine miniaturization marvel characteristic for Breitling’s master watchmakers.

        The sophisticated chronograph of the model features 500 individual parts, and it ensures perpetual calendar function reprogrammed accurately track of the leap-years and also to provide the following additional functions: date, season, month, week, day and Moon phase. In order to provide an accurate display of the multitude of functions the complex timepiece was fitted with thirteen hands, and furthermore the high-quality sophisticated mechanical assembly received the prestigious COSC-chronometer certification.


        The model’s precious case, measuring 42 mm in diameter, was manufactured either from platinum or 18 karat rose gold and it will be released in a highly exclusive edition of 100 platinum timepieces and respectively 250 rose gold models.

        The sturdy case boasts a remarkable 100 meter water resistance and it is fitted with a convex sapphire crystal which received both sides anti-reflective coating. Breitling for Bentley Mark VI Complications 29 features highly fashionable dial shades whether the Silver-Storm or Burnt-Oak both matching a genuine crocodile or Barenia leather strap.

        This amazing timepiece is animated by the Breitling Calibre 29B, a self-winding movement, which oscillated at a frequency of 28,000 beats per hour and provides ¼ of a second chronograph function as well as 30-minute/ 12-hour totalizers.

        All in all Breitling Calibre 29B, a self-winding movement is remarkable timepiece of timeless elegance and unmatched luxury which comes for an exclusive price of $54,105.00 for the gold models and $82,520.00 for the platinum timepieces.

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