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Dec 2

Breitling Avenger SeaWolf Chrono

        Breitling is a famous watch-making powerhouse rooted in 1884’s Switzerland, which during its centenary tradition created high-performance chronographs defined by sublime functionality and unmatched precision. Above all, the brand is internationally known for sharing a profound connection with the field of aeronautics and due to this fruitful partnership it was designed the- official supplier to world aviation.

        But reducing the bran’s international prestige to only one privileged partnership would mean to alter the truth, and worldwide enthusiast divers know that Breitling is one of the most competitive diver’s watch manufacturers, a brand which creates genuine professional diver’s timekeeping instruments, fitted to accompany a true diving daredevil in its quest of discovering the most fascinating mysteries of the depths, and Breitling Avenger SeaWolf Chrono watch is an exquisite example of this watchmaker’s mastery.

         Breitling Avenger SeaWolf Chrono features a unique technology which enables the diver to access the chronograph functions at 1000 meters beneath the ocean’s surface, a mind-blowing water-tightness owed to the magnetic push-piece principle: which consists in activating the controls of the chronograph through the case’s metal, instead of the traditional interaction between the movement and the push pieces. This amazing, next generation technology implemented in SeaWolf Chrono singles this timepiece among the average diver’s watches which have underwater disabled chronograph function because, under pressure its push-pieces represent an imminent water penetration menace.

        The watch features a robust 44 mm, stainless steel case, equipped with decompression valve; moreover the case is completed by a graduated unidirectional rotating bezel, and a curved sapphire crystal which received both sides anti-glare treatment. The dial of the watch ensures perfect time legibility, it features three chronograph counters embellished with grid pattern which changes its appearance depending on the light conditions, and a small date aperture, moreover it was fitted with stencil-type Arabic numerals hour markers and oversized hour hands which received luminescent coating for perfect underwater visibility, the watch’s dial was designed in several coloristic versions fitted with matching straps.

        This amazing diver’s watch is animated by a COSC chronometer-certified SuperQuartz movement, the Caliber 73 which can accurately track 12 hours time intervals; it features an individual counter for 1/10th of a second, located at 12 o’clock, and central sweep hand which indicates the elapsed chronograph minutes, also another special feature of this chronograph is the yachting graduation that enables counting down the ten minutes prior to a regatta start.

        Breitling Avenger SeaWolf Chrono watch is secured to the wrist by a stylish Barenia leather strap, by a Breitling, rugged Professional bracelet or a comfortable “Diver Pro” rubber strap matching the dial’s color. A superb masterpiece the bran’s technological breakthrough, the watch will have an approximate price of over $3,000.00.

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