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Nov 12

Breitling AirWolf and SkyRacer Raven

        A prestigious watch-making powerhouse, Breitling was created in Switzerland, in 1884, and during a centenary tradition permanently created high-performance chronographs defined by sublime functionality and unmatched precision.

         Above all, the brand shares a profound connection with the field of aeronautics and, due to this fruitful partnership and to the unmatched precision of its timepieces, Breitling was designed the- official supplier to world aviation, and up to this day it never ceased to bring revolutionary new timepieces especially designed for amateur or professional aviators or maybe just enthusiast aviation fans, and the AirWolf and SkyRacer chronographs special editions- two remarkable timekeeping companions of unequaled functionality, a mechanical and another electronic timepiece that wear a special code-name – Raven.


        Defined by a sporty contemporary fresh design, the two Breitling Raven models incorporate high-tech back and charismatic rubber-molded bezel and push pieces.

        Breitling AirWolf chronograph watch is animated by an exclusive SuperQuartz movement which provides all the functions demanded by a professional aviator- 1/100th of a second chronograph, second time-zone, UTC, alarm and countdown function.

        The watch is fitted with a high-performance NVG (night vision goggles) – compatible time-display equipped with an additional backlighting system and the model’s case back features a turbine shaped resonance-chamber requested by the alarm system and other audible features.

        As for the Breitling SkyRacer chronograph watch we can say that it is maybe the most extraordinarily effective self-winding chronographs in its category; animated by the Caliber 27, Breitling exclusive movement it enables the dual visualizing of the time intervals measured. The model’s 60-minutes counter fitted with central hand ensures unmatched time legibility of time-intervals smaller than one hour, and for measuring larger periods the model is equipped with a unique two-handed counter which shows both minutes and hours. Elapsed time can instantly be read, and the watch’s clarity ensures a crystal clear time perception without any trace of confusion.

        Surely two exquisite sophisticated timepieces, Breitling SkyRacer and Breitling AirWolf chronograph watch will surely be two coveted collectable items for all those who share a profound passion for the exciting world of aviation, and their price, ranging from $3,000.00 up to $4,000.00 will surely be a small one compared to the high-quality and charisma of the chosen model.

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