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Aug 26

Blancpain 500 Fathoms

        One of the most famous brands in the watch making industry is Blancpain. With a history of almost 250 years in the field of watch manufacturing, Blancpain seems to be committed to excellence and innovation. The watches created by Blancpain are of the finest quality and they are normally passed from generation to generation. The Blancpain brand has been on the market for so long because its designers have managed to maintain a perfect balance between tradition and contemporary values, between old and new and between classy and modern. The Blancpain’s designers have managed to bring their art to the peak of creation by always exploring with different materials and design approaches.

        This year Blancpain has come up with one of the most daring watches in terms of design of their latest collections, the Blancpain 500 Fathoms Diving Watch. The sporty design catches the eye immediately as it uses powerful and masculine lines. At first you’ll get totally amazed by this chunky look, but then you start to notice the more subtle elements that seem to give a touch of elegance and moderation to the whole design of the watch. The rotating bezel is an element of surprise and it’s covered with sapphire crystal tops. The hands of the watch are perfectly legible in all sorts of situations; either dark or daylight you can be sure you won’t be experiencing any visibility problems with the new Blancpain 500 Fathoms Diving Watch.

        The new Blancpain 500 Fathoms Diving Watch uses a 48 mm in diameter titanium case covered in front and in the back with sapphire crystal. The watch is also equipped with a decompression valve, to release helium. The black dial goes hand in hand with the matching strap that can be made either of black fabric or sail canvas. What’s impressive about this Blancpain 500 Fathoms Diving Watch is not only the 120 hrs power reserve, but also its 100 meters water resistance. Definitely a watch for professionals, this watch is equipped with the best elements you might think of to assure a safe diving.

        The designers have chosen to use only the latest technology and so this Blancpain 500 Fathoms Diving Watch uses a self-winding automatic movement with a 1315 Calibre. There is also a GMT model but it differs from this 500 Fathoms as it uses a 5215 movement. The movement allows a fast adjustment of the date at midnight and also, it offers the possibility of manual adjustment of the date both ahead and behind, which is a very pretentious technique for a sport watch.

        The classy, yet sporty design is given by the strap. As mentioned before, the strap comes in two versions, both of them denoting style and elegance. Once again, the Blancpain brand has managed to bring its collections in the spotlight and even without trying so much, because the watches presented speak for themselves. By paying the rightful respect to quality, the Blancpain brand of watches is sure to have assured itself one of the highest positions in the watch manufacturing.

        If you are decided to invest in quality, elegance and functionality then this Blancpain 500 Fathoms Diving Watch is the right choice. The price of a Blancpain 500 Fathoms Diving Watch ranges from $10,000 to $15,000.

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