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Mar 12

Bell and Ross BR 01-97 Power Reserve

        Created in 1992, by two enthusiast French designers, Carlos A. Rosillo and Bruno Belamich, Bell & Ross is a young watch-making powerhouse, and the first watches produced by this brand have been created to meet the needs of men who deal with extreme situations on daily bases, like bomb-disposal experts, pilots or professional divers.

        The timepieces designed by Bell & Ross always impress, the watch-connoisseurs worldwide, through their unmistakable design, unique combination of high-tech materials and through remarkable mechanical sophistication, which transforms them into valuable tools appropriate to accompany a contemporary daredevil in one of his challenging missions.


        First introduced in 2007, the Bell & Ross successful limited series “Instruments” comprised sporty timepieces defined by bold innovative design, outstanding timekeeping accuracy and long-term reliability. Recently the brand launched another remarkable addition to this successful series, which pays a great tribute to the iconic BR Orange watch- the new Bell & Ross BR 01-97 Power Reserve Orange watch, a limited edition of only 250 pieces, which will surely thrill the brand’s impassionate fans.

        The watch features the well-known Bell & Ross signature square case, wonderfully sculpted in stainless steel, with carbon finish, that confers it a dark stealth finish, moreover the slightly oversized case of the Bell & Ross BR 01-97 Power Reserve Orange watch measures 46 mm in diameter and 10.5 mm thickness.

        The watch features a round black dial fitted with impressive orange highlighting accents, painted on the hour hands and markers of the timepiece, also fitted with luminescent coating for optimal time legibility in poor light conditions. The watch features four oversized Arabic numeral hour markers, located at 3, 12, 6 respectively 9 o’clock, the “LTD” emblem is presented at 4 o’clock, beneath the small date window located at 3 o’clock. At 7 o’clock, slightly overlapping the 6 o’clock hour marker, there is, also accented in orange, the power reserve-indicator fitted with high/low indicators.

        The new Bell & Ross BR 01-97 Orange watch comes matched with BR black rubber strap or an interchangeable nylon and Velcro band, and just like in other Bell & Ross models, the watch is delivered with the specialized tools necessary for operating the change.

        Especially created for a self-assertive contemporary man, keen on sophisticated horological creations that inspire strength and daring masculinity, the eye-catching Bell & Ross BR 01-97 Orange watch comes for an approximate price of $4,300.00.

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