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Oct 4

Bell& Ross Vintage BR123

       Always redefining luxury in terms of watch manufacturing, Bell& Ross is one of the most progressive brands of watches, oriented to the manufacturing of specialized instruments that can offer exact accuracy and long term reliability. The interesting approach to design taken by Bell& Ross has been quite successful over the years and has culminated with the creation of the latest watch, the new Bell& Ross Vintage BR123. The watch presents a fashionable old design that is characterized by sophisticated materials and state-of-the-art technologies. Although embracing a more vintage appearance, the new Bell& Ross Vintage BR123 is definitely a useful tool for our busy and dynamic lifestyle.


       The watch offers amazing reliability in terms of time keeping as it functions on an ETA 2895 movement based on automatic winding, able to provide functions of hours, minutes and seconds, and also the indispensable function of date. No matter the model, Bell& Ross has always proven that at the top of everything there has to be functionality and technical performance, and this new Bell& Ross Vintage BR123 is proof enough of that credo.

       Crafted from polished stainless steel, the case of the new Bell& Ross Vintage BR123 Watch maintains the old look given by the slimness of the case and displays a vintage design. Although inspired by the old, this watch is also modern and casual at the same time, being able to offer a multitude of functions in the slimmest and most refined design. The case of the watch is available either on stainless steel, on satin or on steel glass coated with PVD treatment and each case goes hand in hand with one particular dial. The dials are available on black, beige or silver and are extremely legible due to the nice and organized placement of the functions.


       The new Bell& Ross Vintage BR123 Watch has an easy to read dial featuring the functions of hours and minutes displayed traditionally through central hands, while the seconds function is exhibited via a sub-dial located above 6 o’clock. The main hour markers are indicated through Arabic numerals, while the rest of the positions only through indexes made of polished appliqués. The sub-dial expressing the seconds function also makes room for a small and discreet date window that offers great reliability.


       Absolutely delightful in terms of design, the new Bell& Ross Vintage BR123 Watch comes accompanied by a leather strap fitted with a Bell& Ross inscribed logo and the timepiece has also the amazing water resistance of 100 meters. A watch with personality, the new Bell& Ross Vintage BR123 can prove its remarkable functionality demanded by our modern world, while maintaining a sophisticated and refined vintage appearance.

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