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Dec 12

Bell & Ross Phantom BR 01 Tourbillon

        Rooted in the 90s, Bell & Ross, Swiss young watch-making brand, created in 1992, is owned by two French designers- Carlos A. Rosillo and Bruno Belamich, which struggles for international acknowledgement by creating high-performance wristwatches conceived to meet thee needs of men who must face extreme situations like, bomb-disposal experts, professional divers, pilots and even astronauts, being built to become valuable tools in their challenging missions.

         During two decades of existence, the watchmaker always tried to meet the highest standards of quality and sophistication, and to impress watches connoisseurs worldwide by creating unique watches manufactured from very sophisticated materials.


        A charismatic line, manufactured in a very exclusive edition of only 18 timepieces, the new Bell & Ross ‘Phantom’ BR 01 Tourbillon, surprises through a mysterious design that reunites a sober black stealth carbon-fiber dial, fitted with hour hands and hour markers fitted with photo-luminescent coating which ensure outstanding time legibility in any light conditions.

        The sporty timepiece features a large square case, measuring 46-mm in diameter which emanates strength and masculinity and furthermore, is manufactured from a high-tech scratch-proof material: the glass bead blasted titanium fitted with Diamond-Like Carbon finish.

        At the heart of this remarkable timepiece beats the sophisticated BR01 Tourbillon movement which is equipped with carbon-fiber main-plates and precious black gold tourbillon carriage equipped with other three complications.

        The timepiece features a sporty black carbon-fiber dial, fitted with 120-hours power-reserve indicator, located at 9 o’clock position, a regulator, located at 12 o’clock that dissociates 12 o’clock hour counter from the minute central hand, also the watch’s hands and indices received a special photo-luminescent coating, in order to ensure perfect time legibility in poor light conditions, also the ‘Phantom’ BR 01 Tourbillon has an outstanding 100-meters water resistance.

        The watch also features, located between 2 and 4 o’clock, a trust index complication: that basically indicates the level of the movement’s output, and it has three sections- high, which indicates that the movement oscillates at a high rate and the watch’s owner has to wait until the indicator gets to the middle section that stands for optimal timekeeping accuracy, meanwhile the low section draws that attention that the timepiece needs winding. Surely an interesting timekeeping companion, ‘Phantom’ BR 01 Tourbillon comes coupled with a comfortable black rubber strap and it will have a price ranging from $100,000.00 up to $150,000.00.

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