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Dec 25

Bell & Ross Instrument BR 03 Type Aviation

        Launched in 1992, Bell & Ross is relatively young Swiss watch-making brand owned by two French designers- Carlos A. Rosillo and Bruno Belamich, which initially targeted a niche market segment- their first timepieces were destined men who must face extreme situations like, bomb-disposal experts, professional divers, pilots and even astronauts.

        Defined by immaculate functionality, their watches were built to become valuable tools in their challenging missions, rather than simple timekeeping companions, they were created to meet the highest standards of quality and sophistication.

        Nevertheless, Bell & Ross also outstands by creating unique watches manufactured from very sophisticated materials dedicated to the mass market, and their new Bell & Ross Instrument BR 03 Type Aviation is a remarkable proof of the watchmaker mastery created at the specific request of Chief of Staff of the French Air Force.

        Comprising both symbolic and extremely functional timepieces, the two special limited editions, of 250 pieces each, were created to meet the elevated quality standards of fighter pilots, and were designed in a stainless steel version and a carbon-finished steel variation, which proudly demonstrate the French Air Force’s colors.

        Extremely reliable timekeeping instruments, designed for professional aviators, the new Bell & Ross Instrument BR 03 Type Aviation reflect the brand’s philosophy and life-guiding principles, being defined by unmatched time-legibility ensured by both the analog and digital time display, and astounding precision provided by a Bell & Ross Quartz movement, also the timepieces were fitted with bidirectional rotating bezel, two LCD displays, luminescent hour hands, a silver oxide high drain battery which provides 35 months power reserve, a 100-meters water-proof winding crown.

        Moreover the models are available coupled with a sporty satin-polished stainless steel bracelet or a comfortable black rubber strap and, were first introduced during an official ceremony by the Chief of staff of the French Air Force. Nevertheless the high precision charismatic sporty timepieces are also available also for the watches enthusiasts who are keen on military-inspired timepieces for a fair price of $2,900.00.

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