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Sep 5

Bell & Ross Instrument BR 01-93 24H

        As hard as it may seem for a new brand of watches to impose itself on the market of watch manufacturing, it is obvious that Bell&Ross has managed to break the market and to become one of the most envied brands in the watch making industry. Despite its rather short existence, Bell&Ross can compete even with the oldest and most renowned brands in this industry, because of the special focus the people behind this brand put on expertise, technical innovation and functionality. The stated motto of this brand:” the essential is never compromised by the superfluous” reflects the core values of Bell&Ross, which are: simplicity and a strong sense of responsibility.

        The Switzerland-based brand of Bell& Ross introduced its pieces on the market in 1992 and since then they have been designing unique watches displaying extraordinary functionality and beautiful designs. As they prefer to call their creations time instruments and not timepieces, the people behind Bell&Ross have decided to focus themselves on a special target of the market- that of professional use. Their watches are created for people in power, for people with challenging jobs, from divers to pilots and astronauts. Everything about their watches hints to extreme situations, to adventurous circumstances and to challenging missions.

        The concept behind Bell&Ross is that of creating something that was in need for sometime now, a valuable tool for the most demanding professions.

        The new time instrument presented by Bell&Ross is called Bell&Ross Instrument BR 01-93 24H GMT and follows the pattern of the original Bell&Ross model, only that’s created in a more sophisticated manner, but still focusing on aspects such as high functionality and a sporty design.

        Featuring some sophisticated materials, this new extravagant Bell &Ross Instrument BR 01-93 24H GMT is part of the Instrumental collection and is made of glass bead blasted steel with PVD coating, material that can be traced in the bezel and in the case of the watch as well. Although extravagant when referring to its functionality and the materials used, the design of the watch is going for a more simple and sporty look. The designers have chosen to go for an unadorned look by using a black rubber strap. With two time-zones, one showing the current location and the other telling the time of the home country, you can be sure of the reliability of such instrument on your wrist. The legibilityof this new Bell &Ross Instrument BR 01-93 24H GMT is quite clear and it is provided by the large photo-luminescent Arabic numerals that come in contrast with the elegant black dial of the watch.

        Reflecting style and simplicity, the watch uses a 46 mm square case covered with sapphire crystal that shelters one of the most advanced technologies in watch manufacturing (mechanical movement with self-winding, 21 jewels and 28,800 alternations an hour, 40 hours power reserve etc). The watch is also equipped with hours, minutes, seconds and date indicators, while featuring a unidirectional inner bezel.

        The Bell & Ross Instrument BR 01-93 24H GMT is a desirable watch on any guy’s wrist because it combines simplicity with complicated technical innovation and elegance with sportiness, but it’s the professional functions this watch provides that makes it so appealing in the eyes of the watch connoisseurs. The price for a Bell & Ross Instrument BR 01-93 24H GMT is somewhere near $ 7000.

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