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Sep 25

Bell & Ross BR03-94

       Bell & Ross has made it clear that its call was to manufacture watches that are firstly professional timekeeping instruments and then, fashionable timepieces with designs meant to impress the most pretentious watch connoisseurs. The new creation by Bell & Ross goes by the name of Bell & Ross BR03-94, a watch that can perform accurately, while displaying an interesting and powerful design.

       The new Bell & Ross BR03-94 Watch features the peculiar rectangular case fitted with four screws that has become emblematic for this brand, a case that measures 42 mm in diameter. The case can be available in a few variations including polished stainless steel, steel and black PVD coating or simply pink gold with black steel. All types of case match nicely the mat black dial that makes use of colorful detailing and neat positioning of the functions. The detailing on the dial consists of white or orange numbers and index marks that accentuate the sporty and powerful design of the watch.

bell-ross-br03-94_1 bell-ross-br03-94_2

       In terms of technical performance the new Bell & Ross BR03-94 Watch has a lot to offer as it expresses the traditional functions of time, while making use of some extra functions such as the chronograph function and the date window. The two counters of the chronograph are located symmetrically at 3 and 9 o’clock positions, while the discreet date-window is located between 4 and 5 o’clock. The functions provided by the new Bell & Ross BR03-94 Watch owe their functionality to the exclusively made self-winding mechanical movement based on 28, 800 vibrations per hour, a mechanism created with great vision and passion by the Bell & Ross designers. Also, this movement is capable of guaranteeing some 42 hours of power reserve and 100 meters of water resistance.

       The sporty appeal of the new Bell & Ross BR03-94 Watch is completed by the strap that can be available on black rubber, fabric or, depending on the taste, leather, for an extra touch of refinement. The design is modern and dynamic and it can bring joy to any Bell & Ross customer and to any watch enthusiast.

       Although recently formed, the company of Bell & Ross has been the proud manufacturer of amazing reliable timepieces that are even nowadays the talk in the watch manufacturing industry. By presenting landmark movements, Bell & Ross has contributed significantly to the watch making tradition and has proven that progress and innovation should be core values of each and every brand.


       Definitely a powerful instrument, the new Bell & Ross BR03-94 Watch brings back performance, technical proficiency and sophistication to an industry long time governed by kitsch and lack of vision in terms of technical performance. Bell & Ross bring change and a breeze of fresh air to the watch making industry through its progressive timepieces released on the market.

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