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Mar 17

Bell and Ross SR1 Concept

        Created in 1992, be two enthusiast French designers – Carlos A. Rosillo and Bruno Belamich, Bell & Ross soon travelled the long distance between a watch making no name up to the top of the Swiss fine horology, becoming a respected name in this highly exclusive world. The brand acquired its international prestige for designing bold innovative wristwatches for men confronted with challenging missions such as bomb-disposal experts, professional divers or pilots.


        Nevertheless, the brand also experienced a fruitful internment with the exciting world of automotives, and recently, in order to celebrate this partnership, Bell & Ross released another surprising addition to its watch collection. An interesting interpretation of the brand’s iconic BR 01-97 Power Reserve watch, the timepiece was custom made for a new Peugeot Concept Car and will be presented at 2010 Geneva Auto Show.

        Created to match perfectly the new Peugeot SR1’s dashboard, the remarkable Bell & Ross SR1 Concept Watch is an outstanding timekeeping companion, bound to enhance the luxurious sophistication of the automotive, and to provide the optimal timekeeping accuracy and reliability for its driver.

        The timepiece features the brand’s square, slightly oversized signature case measuring 46 mm in diameter, nicely sculpted in stainless steel, fitted with a round bezel, and a screw-down knurled crown.

        Moreover, the watch features a revolutionary three-dimensional dial, which confers the timepiece a sophisticated flair of novelty due to its crystalline snowflake patterns, which appear on the watch’s metal face, and which required complex technological processes. The dial features four oversized Arabic numeral hour markers, and an engraved power reserve scale positioned between 6 and 8 o’clock positions. The timepiece also features nicely faceted hour hands manufactured from nickel-plated steel that perfectly fit into the overall design of the timepiece, creating an incredibly attractive look.

        At the heart of this eye-catching Peugeot SR1 Concept watch bats an ETA 2897 self-winding mechanical movement, which ensures, asides from power reserve indicator, central hours, minutes, and seconds functions, the date function presented through a small aperture at 3 o’clock position.

        Especially designed for a charismatic contemporary man who shares a deep passion for luxury cars, the remarkable Bell & Ross SR1 Concept Watch comes coupled with a cream grained leather strap manufactured from the material that has been used for the upholstery of the Peugeot Concept Car.

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