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Feb 10

The thought behind the perfect gift

Sometimes buying a gift for the person you love is more difficult than you would want, whether it is his or her birthday, Christmas or a special anniversary. The selection of gift becomes even more difficult with the years, because … Continue reading

  Aug 18

Bell and Ross Vintage Original Carbon-BR 123 and BR 126

At BaselWorld 2011, the brand has announced two versions of the new timepiece, the BR 123 Original Carbon and the BR 126 Original Carbon, distinctive from one another by the chronograph function of BR 126…. Continue reading

  Mar 6

BR 126 Heritage Chronograph BR126-94-SC

     Not long ago, the brand released another remarkable addition to its iconic Bell & Ross Vintage BR watch Collection – the retro inspired Bell & Ross BR 126 Heritage Chronograph BR126-94-SC Watch, gives a new contemporary interpretation to the pilot watches, extremely popular during the 1960s and 1970s. Continue reading

  Oct 4

Bell& Ross Vintage BR123

       The interesting approach to design taken by Bell& Ross has been quite successful over the years and has culminated with the creation of the latest watch, the new Bell& Ross Vintage BR123. The watch presents a fashionable old design that is characterized by sophisticated materials and state-of-the-art technologies. Continue reading

  Sep 25

Bell & Ross BR03-94

       The new Bell & Ross BR03-94 Watch features the peculiar rectangular case fitted with four screws that has become emblematic for this brand, a case that measures 42 mm in diameter. The case can be available in a few variations including polished stainless steel, steel and black PVD coating or pink gold with black steel. Continue reading

  Mar 17

Bell and Ross SR1 Concept

        Created to match perfectly the new Peugeot SR1’s dashboard, the remarkable Bell & Ross SR1 Concept Watch is an outstanding timekeeping companion, bound to enhance the luxurious sophistication of the automotive, and to provide the optimal timekeeping accuracy and reliability for its driver. Continue reading

  Mar 12

Bell and Ross BR 01-97 Power Reserve

        Bell & Ross BR 01-97 Power Reserve Orange watch is a limited edition of only 250 pieces, which will surely thrill the brand’s impassionate fans. This watch is especially created for a self-assertive contemporary man, keen on sophisticated horological creations that inspire strength and daring masculinity. Continue reading

  Mar 10

Bell and Ross BR 01 Carbon Fiber

        Designed for a charismatic contemporary man, keen on revolutionary wristwatches characterized by bold daring design, and mechanical excellence, the eye-catching Instrument BR 01 Carbon Fiber watch comes coupled with a matching carbon fiber strap that enhances its fresh air of novelty. Continue reading

  Dec 25

Bell & Ross Instrument BR 03 Type Aviation

        Bell & Ross Instrument BR 03 Type Aviation is a remarkable proof of the watchmaker mastery created at the specific request of Chief of Staff of the French Air Force. Extremely reliable timekeeping instruments, designed for professional aviators, the new Bell & Ross Instrument BR 03 Type Aviation reflect… Continue reading

  Dec 22

Bell & Ross BR01 Instrument Tourbillon

        The new Bell & Ross BR01 Instrument Tourbillon watch is animated by a manual winding movement which demonstrates carbon fiber main-plates and bridges and a tourbillon carriage manufactured from precious black gold. The mechanism ensures optimal timekeeping accuracy, and, due to a special .. Continue reading

  Dec 17

Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne

        A timepiece designed to personify the courageous and noble spirit of the French soldiers, the new Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne also features two opulent, dreadful diamond-embellished reinterpretations of this theme, exclusively sold in the Colette boutique. Celebrating a very privileged partnership with the French air Forces, the brand… Continue reading

  Dec 12

Bell & Ross Phantom BR 01 Tourbillon

        A charismatic line, manufactured in a very exclusive edition of only 18 timepieces, the new Bell & Ross ‘Phantom’ BR 01 Tourbillon, surprises through a mysterious design that reunites a sober black stealth carbon-fiber dial, fitted with hour hands and hour markers fitted with photo-luminescent coating which .. Continue reading

  Sep 6

Bell & Ross BR S Ceramic

      Denoting elegance, refinement and simplicity, this new Bell&Ross BR-S Ceramic Watch guarantees your good taste in quality watches. The case of this exquisite Bell&Ross BR-S Ceramic Watch only measures … Continue reading

  Sep 5

Bell & Ross Instrument BR 01-93 24H

        Bell&Ross Instrument BR 01-93 24H GMT follows the pattern of the original Bell&Ross model, only that’s created in a more sophisticated manner, but still focusing on aspects such as high functionality and a sporty design. This watch is made of glass bead blasted steel with PVD coating, material that can be traced in the bezel and in the case of the watch as well. Continue reading





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