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Mar 2

Atlantic Searock Quartz for Divers

Created during the last decades of the 19th century, in a small Swiss town, near Grenchen – Bettlach, Atlantic is a respected member of the Swiss fine watchmaking industry, launched by an ambitious watchmaker named Eduard Kummer in 1888 as a pocket-watch components manufacture.

However, during the following years, Atlantic experienced a spectacular growth, and at the beginnings of the 20th century, the brand already transferred its production to the new-emerging market segment of wristwatches.

Furthermore, over the years, Atlantic watches started to be very popular among the enthusiast watch collectors worldwide due to their exceptional quality, reliability and fresh modern design, and surely, an enthusiast fan of the brand would like to know that the Atlantic watches were among the first to accommodate automatic movements and to incorporate water resistance technologies.

This year, Atlantic proudly released another remarkable addition to its iconic Atlantic Mens Watch Collection, a remarkable new line dedicated to the audacious, self-assertive modern man of the 21st century, who likes to take down any challenge, and who needs a reliable timekeeping companion for his adventures.

The remarkable new Atlantic Searock Quartz Watch is a bold new model, especially created to please an amateur diver and to bring a plus of fresh sporty appeal to any modern outfit. Available in two variations, on silver or black dial, the model demonstrates a robust stainless steel case, measuring 44 mm in diameter, which incorporates a fluted crown, crown guards, chronograph push pieces, and a powerful rotating bezel with Arabic numeral indices, and which confers a good 200-meters water resistance.

The models demonstrate either silver or a black dials, nicely completed with oversized luminescent hour markers, and pencil-shaped hour and minutes hands, also treated with luminescent substances, in order to confer optimal timekeeping accuracy in any light conditions. In addition asides from the traditional hours, minutes and seconds functions the timepieces also confer date function located at 4:30 position, and chronograph counters, located at 2, 6, respectively 10 o’clock positions.

At the heart of the remarkable Atlantic Searock Quartz Watch beats a reliable Quartz movement, the ETA 955.112 Caliber, which confers optical timekeeping accuracy, functionality and reliability.

The perfect timekeeping companion for an amateur diver, the new Atlantic Searock Quartz Watch embraces the wrist with either a black leather strap or a masculine stainless steel bracelet. As far as the price of the model is concerned, we cannot yet publish an exact figure, however, we expect it will be rather accessible.

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